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Mariela TrejosThe 75-year-old Colombian actress, an up-and-coming Colombian actress, is currently facing a delicate health condition. After her condition became public, the actress was moved to a sanctuary in Miraflores, San Juan.

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In a recent report on the Peruvian Days newscast, Mariela Trejos shared details about her health and sought help in a difficult situation she was going through. “I’m very ill, we’ve been insisting on contacting the union but no doctors have come, I need help, I’m in pain, I have bedsores and severe gastritis”indicated.

The actress’ plea reached the ears of Lima Mayor Rafael López Aliaga, who quickly dispatched help. Unity Hospital staff arrive at Mariela Trejos’ home and transfer her to the Maria Rosario Araos Municipal Shelter.

“We found our actress to be frail but stable and she is being moved to a shelter where medical and professional teams are awaiting her assessment”Dr. Giovanna Estrada in 24 Noon.

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