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Actress Mia Khalifa and her current relationship with her family

Without a doubt, the name of Mia khalifa is famous worldwide, thanks to a short stint in the industry for notHowever, few know her story and why she still carries the burden of being famous, despite all the attempts that her adult videos be removed from Internet, but unfortunately he has not succeeded.

Currently the actress is 28 years old, the woman from Beirut (Lebanon) is a public figure that has more than 22 million followers on her official Instagram account, but her worldwide recognition came when she was just 21 years old and by accident in where his impulse was the videos for adult cinema.

Mia Khalifa and her past life

She also commented in an interview that for several years she struggled with being overweight and that made her feel like an ugly woman, who did not deserve the attention of men. All of this changed when she entered the University of Texas, lost some weight and the naive girl’s appearance changed after cosmetic surgery on her breasts.

Mia Khalifa received attention that she had never been used to, but confessed that her path in the porn industry did not start with someone handsome who convinced her to shoot videos. Since the producer told her the scope she would have and the money she would earn and that is how the young woman decided to record.

Although Khalifa now dedicates herself to her social networks and to attend to her current partner with whom she lives in the United States, she still feels haunted by her past, so through TikTok she advances a petition entitled “Justice for Mia Khalifa ”Which has already obtained more than 1.6 million signatures, in order for its videos to be deleted from the internet, but so far this has not been achieved.

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