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A girl who has just lost his mother found a bag abandoned when he goes to take the subway and decides to find the owner to return it.

With a gesture of kindness, as is the young woman herself, begins the relationship between Frances McCullen and Greta Hideg, an eccentric, lonely, and lovely widow, the owner of the portfolio in question. It is a wolf with sheep skin.

“This is an evil character. Without the slightest intention to explain or justify it, but, of course, there’s a whole kind of landscape romanesque about it, the music, the children. But after all, without a doubt, it’s a monster,” says Isabelle Huppert, who places himself in the shoes of Greta in The widow –which opens today– the new film from Neil Jordan, the famous director of The game of tears), Interview with the vampire and The End of The Affair, just to name a few titles.

Film The widow

The French Isabelle Huppert is Greta, a lonely woman and perverse.

It is common to see Huppert inserted into the skin of characters unbalanced and disturbing. Greta joined the group that already integrate Erika Kohut, The piano teacher, and Michèle, Elle, this last earned him a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination, in 2016.

“It is more likely that one to consider this type of person as a man rather than a woman. That solitude in which you live in can be touching, but it also gives you a sense of power, of strength, because she has her own life. The role I liked it immediately. As a character is nice,” says the French actress, who shares credit with Chloë Grace Moretz. THE TIME had access to an interview with the two performers.

At 22 years, Grace Moretz was born in Atlanta (EE. UU.), it consolidates as a versatile actress, thanks to her appearances in productions as diverse as Let me In, Kick-Ass, The fifth wave, and a new version of Carrie.

“I believe that the relationship between Greta and Frances is very interesting, obsessive and difficult –to-understand account of Moretz about the relationship of their role with that of Huppert in The widow–. It’s like a thriller to romantic, not exactly sexual, but I think that has times provocative, at least in the manipulation of the emotions”.

The music, key in history, was an obsession of the director and one of the contributions of great mystery. Greta is a pianist, and sits down at the instrument to interpret it with despair.

“You are convinced that it is a refined woman, well-bred and intelligent. Greta is a character brilliant, you can see her more as a helpless wife, as I was raised in the original script, but Isabelle made it much more interesting and, of course, much more macabre,” adds Moretz.

As ‘Misery’

The ambiance of The widow and part of the psyche of his characters evokes such a stressful story that in 1990 starring Kathy Bates and James Caan: Misery, in which a woman becomes obsessed with his favorite writer, who submits to the most dreadful tortures.

“We shot in Dublin (Ireland) and when I was there, in one of the cinemas of the city, there was a projection of Misery. I took that as a signal. I very much enjoyed to see that movie again. I thought that my character kept certain similarities with the role of Bates, so wicked and, at times, fun,” says Huppert (Paris, 1953).

The outdoor scenes of The widow were filmed in New York and, according to the actress gala, the Big Apple was important in the plot. “It is interesting to get to this because Greta is a character alone in this city, where maybe the feeling of uprooting is much stronger than in any other place in the world”.

Film The widow

Chloë Grace Moretz is a girl who has just lost his mother and he falls in the trap of Greta.

For Moretz to be able to share this legend of the performance was one of his main motivations for accepting his role, in addition to the plot. “You see many roles that you would like to do, and when I read this script caught my attention because it is something that I had not seen. It seems like a movie made in the 80’s or 90’s, is a thriller that is intelligent with performances and moments very believable, but filmed as a experience dark,” he says.

And adds: “This is a film that is very wild, it feels like a ride on a roller coaster. I hope that the audience will focus on the emotions and actions, is not cheesy, it is not exaggerated, on the contrary, it is very realistic and natural. Things happen that don’t estimate that to happen: bites you when you expect a hug”.