AD Italia returns to NOMAD Capri: events not to be missed

Italy AND NOMAD announce the second chapter of an exciting new collaboration on the occasion of the next art and collectible design fair to be held in Capri from 6 to 9 July and which will focus on the theme of sustainability in global creativity.

Three dates on stage. “Bronzes”, a special project dedicated to the latest artistic research Michael DeLucchifamous Italian architect, artist and designer who highlights a new protagonist: bronze. Italy and NOMAD are also organizing the second Sustainable Design Summit which will take place in the premises of the Certosa di San Giacomo and will bring together creatives and prestigious names in the field of international design. More exclusive creative dinner by AD Italia and Gucci in collaboration with NOMAD with the participation of designers AD100.

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Latest artistic research Michael DeLucchi opens with three bas-reliefs from the “Ideographic Architectures” series and three sculptures from the “Haystacks” series that highlight a new protagonist: bronze. Fascinated by the art and bronze artifacts created over the centuries, the artist reflects on the material’s potential and decides to transfer some of his architectural models, always carved from wood, into the hardness of bronze. The forms fixed in the metal cloak acquire a new expressive power: “Maybe this is a color with all its variations, or maybe it is the patina that contributes to giving the surface a significant depth. Maybe it’s the weight. Maybe it’s the feeling that the hands have been polished and polished. Maybe it’s the history of art and many masterpieces, maybe it’s because every culture seems to have had bronze relics. The fact is that bronze, despite the fact that it is a common material, is perceived as a precious and primordial, historical evidence of cultural and sophisticated civilizations.


Exploring the combination of art, education and sustainable development: in dialogue with Michele de Lucchi. Moderator: Yasmin Mahmoudi

July 8 at 18.30 there Church-Museum Diefenbach will be animated by a conversation between Yasmine Mahmoudi, one of the most influential and dynamic figures in the field of design and architecture, and renowned architect, artist and designer Michele De Lucchi, dedicated to the relationship between art, education and sustainability. De Lucchi will also talk about his special project NOMAD “Bronzi” presented by AD Italia.

Perspectives on Sustainable Design: Creativity and Sustainability Roundtable with Cédric Mizereau, Ryu Kotari and Nadia Romen, moderated by Yasmine Mahmoudi

On July 8 at 7:30 pm, the Diefenbach Museum Church will host a roundtable chaired by Mahmoudi that will explore ways in which design can innovate sustainability and drive human, economic and environmental change within a cultural scenario. Speakers include Rwandan artist Cedric Mizero, Ryu Kothari, founder and creative director of Design East, and Nadia Romen, curator, producer and founder of EVERYTHING I WANT.


AD and Gucci team up with NOMAD for an exclusive bespoke dinner. Gucci Osteria AND Gucci Garden 25 in a private location, the third chapter “Artists in the flow”, which will showcase the work of young talents that combine art, architecture and design from different parts of the world: Cedric Mizereau (Rwanda), Misha Khan (USA) e Tarek Shamma (Egypt). Among the invitees are some of the designers of the famous annual list AD100.

NOMAD’s Commitment to Promoting Sustainability in the Creative Industry. NOMAD has always pursued a visionary and avant-garde mission and promoted methods that combine tradition and modern aesthetics. In keeping with its mission, NOMAD has always valued traditional craftsmanship, which UNESCO considers “probably the most tangible expression of cultural heritage”, as well as art and design approaches that are sustainable, providing an alternative to mass production, resource exploitation and mining. industry. Excellence, promotion and creative recovery of ancient traditions and know-how are integral to protecting the planet and creating a more sustainable future. In short, art, design and architecture can play a significant role and leave a positive impression.

Architectural Digest (AD) is a reference point for design and architecture. As part of the Condé Nast publishing group, AD offers exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful homes, telling the stories of those who live there and sharing the design thinking of those who created them.


Michael DeLucchi

Michele De Lucchi was one of the protagonists of Alchimia and Memphis and from 1988 to 2002 directed Olivetti Design. He is the designer of the world’s best-selling lamp, Ptolemy Artemis, awarded the Golden Compass in 1987. He has designed furniture for the most famous Italian and European companies and implemented architectural projects around the world in the cultural, commercial, industrial and residential fields. For more than twenty years he has been drawing, painting and sculpting wooden objects and models in his workshops in Milan and Angier, looking for the essence of architectural form, a source of inspiration for his professional projects. In 2003 Georges Pompidou Center in Paris bought a large number of his works. His projects are exhibited in major museums in Europe, the USA and Japan. Michele De Lucchi is the founder and collaborator of AMDL CIRCLE, a multidisciplinary design studio known for its humanist approach to architecture, design and graphics.

Yasmine Mahmoudi

Yasmin Mahmoudi lives between London AND Milan and is the designer, architect, sustainability ambassador, CEO and founder of Yasmine Mahmoudieh. She has received many awards for her creative and innovative designs and is a benchmark in her field as well as a pioneer in recycled plastic 3D printing and is currently exploring mycelium 3D printing. Mahmoudi will talk about the importance of using sustainable methods in design and architecture and how today it is possible to build with non-traditional materials that do not harm our planet.

Ryu Kothari

Rue Kothari has been an influential figure in the international design industry for twenty years now. First as launch director Harper’s Bazaar interiors and then as director City center design in Dubai, both globally recognized brands today. Recognized for significant contributions to the design industry in Middle Eastand now advises art and design studios from the US to the UAE, supporting their development, creative direction and sustainable strategy. He is also a founding partner of VisionNow, a successful agency with teams in London and Shanghai that supports the growth of design brands in Asia. Today, she is also the founder and creative director of Design East, which uses a cross-platform approach to support innovative and sustainable art, design and craftsmanship initiatives in the Global South.

Cedric Mizereau

Rwandan artist Cedric Mizereau born and raised in the small village of Gishoma in the western province Rwanda, and has been passionate about fashion and art since early childhood. His path took him to the capital city of Kigali, where he immersed himself in the local art and fashion scene, honing his skills and broadening his creative horizons. As a self-taught artist, Cedric draws inspiration from observing other artists and craftsmen, studying their techniques and fruitfully exchanging ideas. His interdisciplinary approach combines paints, textures, fabrics and finished objects, allowing him to freely explore emotions and bring his art to life with a passionate voice.

Nadia Romen

ALL I WANT is the result of founder Nadia Romen’s career in art, fashion, luxury and community service. As a curator and producer, she has collaborated with, among others, Ron Arad, Matthew Barney and Harmony Korine. Nadya is the founder of Art Action Change, a charity dedicated to teaching art to children, whose flagship projects are Ilya and Emilia Kabakov’s Ship of Tolerance and WeRtheFuture, a research center for children in collaboration with Montessori. Special Advisor to Women for Women UK, a social charity platform, Nadia has built an invaluable network of creators working to make the world a better and more beautiful place.

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