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ADA, the three letters that make investors millions: what it is, how much to start with and how to earn 1000%

Inside the world of cryptocurrencies the swings in the quotes are nothing new. During last week the cryptocurrency that “shine” was ADA, the Cardano project token. This crypto surpassed $ 2 on Friday. This value was the highest since May 18 and the start of the cryptocurrency price crash generated by the mining crisis in China.

On Monday the market opened with good news for crypto enthusiasts, with a recovery close to 2 billion dollars in capitalization for the first time in three months. The sector recovers its momentum before the changes applied. Although the market had been recovering in its entirety, it was Cardan the that in the last seven days achieves a revaluation close to 50%, well above that of Bitcoin. From its lows in the last three months it shoots up more than 104%. This increase accelerated from last week, with a revaluation of 46%. Thanks to that, since the beginning of the year the increase is over 1,000%.

Cardano (green) and Bitcoin (yellow) against the dollar. Source: Coinmarketcap

Their combined value is close to $ 68 billion. and, although it is far from US $ 800,000 million of the capitalization of bitcoin, aims to become the third cryptocurrency by value. Today, the podium leads him Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum and BNB (the cryptocurrency of the Binance company).

What is ADA and how does it work?

Cardano is a blockchain platform, whose cryptocurrency is called ADA, designed to ensure that owners can participate in the operation of the network. Crypto token owners can participate in any changes to the software, such as adding features or new protocols. One of the most popular use cases is the ability to develop smart contracts, aspiring to become himto featured blockchain to offer these services.

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