Ádam Maijó’s Playground

Àdam Maijó (Batea, 2001) is part of a new cohort of international athletes defending our pavilions in the long and middle distance competitions. We managed to capture their attention by engaging one of their passions: tourism. Miro, undoubtedly a radical from Tarragona, has revealed some secrets about his region of origin that are well worth knowing. The secret where water, mountains, sports and food come together.legendary disciple Carlos CastillejoThe man from Tarragona has clocked times of 13:40, 3:38 and 1:48 over the three most competitive distances in the open air in 2022 (5000m, 1500m and 800m) a qualitative leap, leaving everything in his hands to tell us things and possibilities land of ebro. A luxurious playground, Maijó tells us why it is essential.

Let’s use some geography to define the diverse territory of Ebou Radi. Classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, we must think of a group that brings together four regions in southwestern Catalonia. Once we think of the characteristic triangle formed facing the Mediterranean Sea, we have to talk about the sheer diversity of these four regions.

Àdam is full of beauty along the coast and inland: “The scenery further south is beautiful. There are bax ebre and Monciawhere we can find very beautiful towns such as deltbrewhich is the closest to the Ebro estuary and has areas of great natural beauty, such as the tip of the Ebro Van Gaal and Gasaland small rice fields that you can visit and walk through that are worth seeing”.

The Ebro Delta is a cyclist’s paradise.

The famous Ebro Delta, whose location we all know when studying the main rivers of Spain, has now become an area of ​​exceptionally rich scenery. It avoided the encroachment of large-scale urbanization in time, and preserved a large area of ​​agricultural land and wetlands, with an extremely rich variety of animals. “If we go down a little bit more, they’ll Alcanar case’, detailing the middle-distance runner whose geographic awareness deserves a professional’s development. san cales de la la pita, if you come from a very quiet environment and like water sports, you will love it.first thing i want to say is Cases Darcanalwhich is a neighborhood in the town of Alcanar, but is now highly appreciated in summer “. If we pass through the port of Saint-Carls, we can see Saint-Carls and its fishing specialties, the famous gourmet diamonds all arrive Here, for example, shrimp or oysters caught from a raft. alfax.

Ebou gazes warmly at itself in the silver mirror of the sea, and is also admired when you turn to its heights: tra alta and ebro bank. It’s a fantastic beach and the perfect terrain for adventure, ideal when we wanted to work our legs out on the slopes, gorges and terraced grass.What athletes from Tra Alta have to tell us: Àdam from bat, a village of vineyards and olive groves whose walls are made of clear and shiny limestone blocks. We ask you to dedicate yourself and promote yourself. “I’m from there. The old town is one of the most beautiful towns in the region and at the time it was considered the most important city in the area of ​​wine production in Catalonia. My town is a wine growing area and an olive growing area, in fact It’s you who make me anxious. We have a very strong cuisine. There are so many Horta de San JoanThe town is said to have inspired picassohe Port Nature Parkwhich later became the Horta Mountains and Tortosaand slightly higher Ribera is Miravette, considered one of the most beautiful towns in Catalonia. The Castle of the Knights Templar is located on the hill beside the Ebro River, so close to the town that it is almost our little Venice”.

The athlete, now a resident of the High Performance Center in Sant Cugat, lists some inevitable favorites if we’re one of those who combine sport and travel. “The most famous one that comes to mind is the greenway that runs through the entire land.” He himself is very envious of being able to walk hundreds of meters there kilometer I’m sure you’ve combined it with mountain biking. “In fact, there are different campsites near the greenway,” he adds, based on his knowledge of the terrain, “to stop and then resume the route. Don’t forget the port, the mountains inland, great for hiking, Trail runningrock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, all the mountain activities you could want”. As our conversation with Àdam progressed, we saw that, as a runner, he prefers long-term sports, although he enthusiastically cites Àdam Other occupations in the Bro region: “In the delta, more and more people kite surfing, becoming more and more popular day by day. Throughout the Ebro region, sports such as boating, kayaking and canoeing are popular in different parts of the region”. Don’t forget the thin-wheeled bikes. “The whole area of ​​Baix Ebre and Montsia is widely used for road cycling , because it is a very flat area, the roads are very comfortable, and if you have to ride a few kilometers, the area around Tortosa is there, AmpostaDeltebre and saint james“.

If you like Trail running When you travel to the Terres de L’Ebre, say at home that they won’t wait for you for dinner.

passion and future

A passion for the highlands and lowlands runs through the pores of the international athlete, who in the past has winter He was able to compete in the World Cross Country Championships Relay in Bathurst, Australia. The Maijó feel comes from Ebre. Be proud of the common anecdote that everyone on the planet boasts of. Feel the masters of those soft accents that make them stand out throughout Catalonia.And passionate about soul food, taking inspiration from rice, wine, oil, tuna lametra Or the winter fruit of Baix Ebre.

The effort of a young athlete with very clear ideas. “How to further improve the sports development of the natural resources of the region?” Reflected a person in Bataea: “I think this should be done by connecting the two inbound routes, promoting general tourism linked to the practice of sports. Sports” .Little by little, it’s adding an ad to a tourism industry that already has an undeniable appeal, “those who come just to travel beach And gastronomy, they know they can have different options”, adds the athlete. He admits that this work is everyone’s task. “Professional athletes themselves can promote there in cooperation with the city hall. More enlightenment schools should be established.Without further explanation, in a new movement such as kite surfing A school recently opened up. Access to materials is also crucial. “Companies like Monsports from Horta de Sant Joan,” suggested the man from Tarragona, “will lend you bikes, seat belts and whatever else you need stuff so you can try it out in the mountains of Les Ports d’Horta. . Those who are going to the area for active tourism don’t have to bring all the materials with them.”

Enjoying mountain views in a relaxing way is another activity that can be done at Àdam Maijó playground.

Adan started his professional career with the rich school sports organization in Ebrodi. “I started doing cross-country races for five area schools. They were given out every two to three weeks and organized around Terra Alta. Each of us represented our school. As far as I was concerned Higher Portal College. The first year, I finished in the top three of the three crosses,” he recalls, “and I qualified for the Catalan Schools Championship. It was a very important championship for me at the time because it meant I was leaving the region.”

Finishing fourth in his debut, surprised and learning from those races that left him breathless, “School Cross Country is one of my favorite tests, it reminds me of my beginnings, representing Your school, going to a town, meeting people, friends your age, running for the cross. It’s one of the most attended sports. For me, they’re moments you’ll always remember.” They didn’t have a coach back then, they worked out once a week, “if we go. Obviously, we’re kids, if we can skip it, then”.

he windsurfing Find the ideal practice environment in the Ebro Delta.

Panting and drowning in an ambulance at the finish line of a sports field in Eberle, he decided to look for his coach.it will Cristian Gutierrezof Gandesa, and has been for ten years. Àdam trained with his team in the region’s capital and made progress in crosses and miles before joining another club in Tarragona, Asco Track Clubuntil he was sixteen. “At Asko Academy, they learned that when you start a sport, as a kid, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, not to stress, to surround yourself with people in the club who give you a good foundation. People. It makes you gradually develop a very natural inertia. And continue to grow in the direction of athletics.”Athletes will take turns participating in school sports in the area and can also participate in disgust. “I combined it as much as I could, I didn’t know when I had to race or run a crossover, I just went to train to have fun and enjoy the race. This kind of teaching allowed me to progress later in the sport.

I asked Adam to get away from that childhood and told me there were two or three places in the area where he would go to relax after a while. train. We’re older now, and there’s no pulse flutter in his responses. “Essentially, in Abel Land, I would go first Karda font As the name suggests, this is Gandesa’s hot springs. One of the natural areas where many people cycle and run. It is very well maintained and is great for relaxing with friends or alone after training. Second, I like the Parc Natural dels Ports area in general. Those inspired by mountains are among the most popular.Of all these areas, one of the most famous and important is the rox de benet view, one of the most mountainous and beautiful of the dozens of routes that exist in this diversity.In the end I recommend Delta Nature Park,as well as Trabucado Beachwhere you can see the most beautiful sunset.

Stuffing a pair of shoes into a suitcase is probably something every reader of this magazine will do naturally. Spreading the habit of walking among the hills, irrigated fields and swamps of this corner of the Mediterranean is an ongoing mission for the Ebougedi organization. It’s a paradise where there’s no shortage of roads to drive for kilometers, or good tables and tablecloths to restore your energy to. It is waiting for you.

There’s no shortage of ways to go green in the Land of Abel, where you can start your walk with no other destination in mind than to let yourself be charmed by the scenery.

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