Adam Sandler gives me a bouquet of flowers every Mother’s Day

Adam Sandler gives a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend and colleague Jennifer Aniston every year on Mother’s Day as a token of intimacy. In recent years, the actress has opened up about her struggles with infertility and failed attempts to become a mother through assisted insemination.

Jennifer Aniston, in an interview with Fall Women’s Fashion magazine, she said that Adam Sandler, her colleague and dear friend, gives her a bouquet of flowers every Mother’s Day. The 54-year-old actress is now living a peaceful life despite being unable to become a mother: in recent years, she has spoken several times about her problems with infertility and unsuccessful attempts to have a child through assisted insemination. The flowers he receives every year from his friend and wife. Jackie they are a sign of their closeness.

Friendship of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler

They shared the set several times and formed a strong friendship over the years. The first meeting of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, movie stars known as Secret murder AND My fake wifedates back several years before their working collaboration began, as they revealed on an episode of the show. Jimmy Kimmel live. And as a sign of their friendship every year, on Mother’s Day, the famous actor with his wife Jackie takes care of his dear friend by sending her a bouquet of flowers as a sign of closeness after Aniston suffered problems with infertility.

Jennifer Aniston happy today: ‘The past hasn’t changed her’

Today Jennifer Aniston “really happyDespite the fact that she failed to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. A source told last fall that today “Her dogs are her children, so she always kept them with her. Today she is at peace with her life, she is happy. Her past hasn’t changed her.” The actress also explained in an interview with Allure that she felt almost relieved after she was forced to give up any idea of ​​becoming a mother: “I don’t regret anything. The ship sailed. In fact, I feel some relief, because there are no more “can I?” questions. I don’t need to think about it anymore.”

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