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Adam’s Venture: Origins PC Game Download Full Version

Set off on an unforgettable adventure, solve puzzles and look for clues in ancient temples in the new game Adam’s Venture: origins, released in Poland and around the world on April 1st, 2016. The game itself is a new version of the adventure game Adam’s Venture, which was released on PCs in 2009-2012 in three episodes. The conversion of the game to Playstation 3 also appeared. In production, we move to the 20s of the last century and in these times we direct the actions of an adventurer, who is called Adam Venture. The title traveler, while researching one of the Templar churches, finds notes that may lead to the biblical garden of paradise – Eden. If you want to experience an amazing journey, get Adam’s Venture: Origins download .

Adam’s Venture: Origins PC Game Download Full Version

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The game was developed by the creators of the original, an independent Dutch studio Vertigo Games , financed by a new publisher – SOEDESCO Publishing. Their new production can be played on PCs, Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

In the 1920s, Mr. Venturewhile exploring an old French church, he finds a diary of one of the crusaders who fought alongside King Richard in the third crusade. After this discovery, together with her friend Evelyn, she sets out on a dangerous and wonderful journey to discover the truth about the notes in the knight’s diary regarding the location of Eden. The trip is financed by the powerful Clairvaux Corporation. In order to find another clue and solve another riddle, our travelers will take us to ancient ruins located in various corners of the world. In the game, we will visit the Temple Mount, Oxford and Jerusalem, among others. However, we will have to be careful, because the members of the aforementioned corporation, which is already rubbing its hands at the thought of profit forgetting about the scientific values ​​of the expedition, are on our heels.


Adam’s Venture: The Origins of the Pictures

Adam’s Venture: Origin is an extensive remake of the 2009 series, which was created to re-tell the story and adventures of the traveler according to the original idea. Now it was possible thanks to the greater financial resources and greater technical capabilities of today’s PCs and consoles. The novelty in the new version is the plot enriched with new threads, as befits today’s better graphics, a number of improvements in the game mechanics have also been introduced.

The game, like the previous versions, is a classic adventure game. In this production, the main emphasis is on logical elements, so you will have to use gray cells to move to the next stage of the game. Check if you succeed and get Adam’s Venture: Origins download. As for the arcade elements, they are present in the game, but there are very few of them – the necessary minimum. The game is about exploring locations, finding items and solving puzzles. In this production, the player has about 60 different “problems” to solve, which are logical in nature.

If you want to check if there is truth in the crusader diary and it actually points the way to the biblical paradise – Eden – get Adam’s Venture: Origins download and a great journey through picturesque locations awaits you with your trusted friend Evelyn. There are many challenging puzzles to solve and places to visit waiting for you, all with a hint of thrill as we are followed by members of the vile and profit-oriented Clairvaux Corporation.

Adam’s Venture: Origins PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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