Add 113 thousand 704 cases of coronavirus in New York


The number of infected by COVID-19 in the state of New York, global epicentre of the pandemic, it has been located at 113 thousand 704, this is 10 thousand 841 cases more than yesterday, while the number of deaths has reached three thousand 565, 630 more than the Friday, announced this Saturday the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomowhich provides that the peak of hiv infections take place in the next seven days.

In his daily briefing, Cuomo explained that the largest number of cases continue to be concentrated in the city of New York, with 63 thousand 306 cases (six thousand 147 more than in the past).

He also explained that the number of hospitalizations and the intensive care units continue to rise.

In total, there are 15 thousand 905 people hospitalized for the coronavirus, a thousand 095 more than yesterday and four thousand and 126 patients in intensive care, what is that supposed to 395 more than the Friday.

On the other hand, the governor wanted to emphasize that 10 thousand 478 people have been discharged since the outbreak of the pandemic, thousand 592 patients between yesterday and today.

“I would like that it is gone, it’s only been thirty days since the first case, but it seems like a lifetime,” said Cuomo, who called the situation “almost unmanageable”.

In his speech, the governor also pointed out that according to his reading of the latest projections, expected that the peak of the curve of the infection, which will involve “the biggest challenge for the health system”, to take place in the next seven days.

“We are approaching the peak, depending on the model that you use, we are at 4,5, 6, 7 days, though some stretch up to 14 days, but our reading of the projections is that we are somewhere close to the range of the seven days,” the governor said before emphasizing that New York is not yet prepared to deal with it.

In this sense, explained that there are already 85 thousand health (22 thousand of other parts of the country) who have volunteered to tackle the pandemic and he added that it will issue a warrant for the medical students, whose graduation was scheduled to begin practices.

The mayor of the city of New York, Bill de Blasio, announced last night that has reached an agreement with the airlines JetBlue and the United Airlines to offer roundtrip flights free with the medical staff that was present as a volunteer to address the pandemic in New York city.

“Our health workers are heroes, and in these moments they need reinforcements to save the greatest number of lives possible. I urge all medical professionals from all over the country to come to New York to help us to win this fight,” said De Blasio.

In his intervention today, Cuomo announced that the chinese government has donated to the state of new york thousand respirators and that the state of Oregon has sent other 140.

The governor also recalled that New York is the region with the most infected people registered in the united States, where the total number is approaching inexorably, to the 300 thousand, followed by the neighbouring New Jersey, with 29 thousand 859; Michigan, with 12 thousand 670 and California, with 12 thousand 569.



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