Add in Mexico thousand 221 deaths per Covid-19, with 12,872 infections


The Secretariat of Health he reported that in Mexico there are 12 thousand 872 confirmed cases coronavirus (Covid-19) and thousand 221 deaths by this virus. From yesterday to today there is a break of 152 deaths.

Regarding the day of yesterday, our country joined the thousand 239 cases of Covid-19 and now only remain active 4 thousand 502 contagions.

Regarding the deaths, Mexico City, Baja California, Mexico State, Sinaloa, Tabasco and Quintana Roo are the federal entities that have registered more deaths per Covid-19.

Until Friday, the trend of cases for coronavirus continued to rise, according to the official statistics, and it is expected that in the next few days to continue to strengthen the cases.

I ask the Dr Gatell!

The Secretary of Health informed that the 30th of April will devote its conference daily coronavirus (Covid-19) boys and girls, so that day Hugo López-Gattel, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, will address the doubts of minors via remote from National Palace.

This special conference, to be held in the Day of the Child, will have the title of “¡Ask a Dr. Gattel!” and more information can be found on the participation of minors in the page mx.
The authorities had come that boys and girls can send in their questions in the form of video or pictures to doctor Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

The best drawings will be presented in the conference journal, and the 20 minors who have made the best videos will be able to interact by video-conference with the assistant secretary in live on April 30.
The children’s work that will be taken into account will also be chosen from the questions that are most frequently asked.

It was reported that on that day there will be a report live on the progress of the Covid-19, but that the figures should only be published to be taken up by the general public.

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It was also announced that, by reason of the nearness of the Day of the Child, dr. Hugo López-Gatell reply April 30 questions of the little ones who send a video or a drawing, either with questions or just your feeling about the current pandemic of coronavirus in Mexico.

* See here for the complete transmission of the press conference…


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