Add up to 3 governors with Covid-19; now got of Querétaro


The governor of Querétaro, Francisco Dominguez Servién, reported that it gave positive Covid-19; this Monday we delivered results after undergoing a test after presenting symptoms.

Through its twitter account, the president and former president of the National conference of Governors (Conago) said that is already in your home to comply with the isolation that would mark the protocol of health.

“I inform you that this weekend I started with symptoms compatible with the #COVID19, so I went to the medical service of public health to carry out the relevant test; a few moments ago, I confirmed that it yielded a positive result. I’m fine; providing for the protocols, I will remain at home during the period of isolation”.

In his message, he added that it established a mechanism of permanent communication with your work team and external advisors; and from here “I will continue directing each stage of the plan established in Querétaro to cope with this contingency and health and address the epidemic in our state.”

Querétaro is ready. From the first minute of this crisis, we design a plan for each one of the stages, attached…

Posted by Pancho Domínguez in Monday, march 30, 2020


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