Adda, in a short top, which reveals her perfect abdomen. The singer has lost a lot of weight in recent months

Considered one of the most beloved artists in Romania, Adda continues to be the center of attention. The singer has lost a lot of weight in recent months, so she never misses an opportunity to be noticed.

In the latest images made public on social networks, the artist appears dressed in wide jeans, which she matched with a short top, which leaves her abdomen visible.

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In just a few hours, the unique photos brought him over 2,000 likes, as well as numerous comments from fans: “Beautiful fire!”, “Summer has come to you?”, “Are you adorable!”

Adda suffers from dermographism

A few months ago, the famous singer revealed that she was diagnosed with dermographism, a skin disease also known as dermatographic urticaria. Since finding out the diagnosis, the singer’s life has changed and, especially, her diet. Since then, Adda has put a lot of food out of her diet, she eats healthy, and this can be seen in the number of kilograms.

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He does not starve, but eats in a balanced way, but only a small number of products. Moreover, she told the fans that her goal was not to lose weight, but to be healthy, and that meant eliminating any food that contained histamine. Foods high in histamine include matured cheese, salami, red wine, hazelnuts, sauerkraut and smoked meat.

I have an existential problem! I have to change all my clothes in my wardrobe … Imagine that I’m rolling my eyes now and I’m very “sad”, almost hysterical because of this.“, the star wrote on Instagram.

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