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Tijuana, BC.-In Baja California exceeded 337 people infected with hiv of coronavirus (Covid-19), Tijuana continues to lead the incidence to record 201.

This was announced by the secretary of state for Health, Alonso Perez Rico, who said that the acceleration of the increase of the statistics is similar to California, United States where there are thousands of people affected.

Of the 337 cases are also distributed in Mexicali with 118 Mexicali, 4 Inlet, 9 Tecate, 4 Rosarito and 1 San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero.

In terms of deaths, until the day of today, happened 27, of those 18 were in Tijuana, 8 Mexicali and 1 Inlet.

Perez Rico mentioned that another of the problems to address the pandemic in Baja California missing fans and medical staff.

For his part, the governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez asked the rector of UABCDavid Octavio Valdez Delgadillo, who return to the students who provided their professional services in hospitals that cater to patients with Covid-19.

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