Addison Rae and his most awkward TikTok video

addison rae records a tiktok in public

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When you have over 65 million followers who don’t miss any of your choreography via TikTok, dancing in public shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s what happens to Addison Rae, who has shown no shame in getting into dancing in the restaurant before the eyes of those present.

In the last few hours a video has begun to circulate on social networks that has everyone hallucinated and, the truth is, it is not for less. Can you imagine working in a coffee shop and suddenly someone dancing in front of you without coming to mind? Well, that’s precisely what Addison has done.

In the pictures,which you shared @teaupdating, you see the TikToker on what appears to be the terrace of a restaurant recording one of his famous choreographies. So far, so good. Well, when he finishes his dance, the camera focuses on a man. sitting right behind her, he tries to concentrate in front of the computer (and to contain the laughter) while all this happens around him. He had to be hallucinated… An epic moment that we would have loved to witness, the truth 😅.

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All this seems quite strange to us, we will not deny it, but surely it is also a joke on Addison’s part. If you look at your TikTok account, precisely one of his last videos that he has uploaded corresponds to this same choreography and is dressed in the same way, but it was recorded in a different place.

If you were wondering what it would be like to witness one of the famous TikTok videos in ‘real life’, Addison just showed it to us.

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