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Addison Rae calls Bryce Hall’s explanation of her Atlanta drama “one-sided”

Addison Rae describes

Bryce Hall finally tells his version of what happened between him and Addison Rae in Atlanta back in April. He opened up about the situation during a new episode of the Sway Life IGTV series, which features the title, “Do you want to know what really happened to Bryce’s relationship in Atlanta? The truth will shock you.”

In the episode, Bryce explained that before going to Atlanta to see Jake Paul fight Ben Askren, his relationship with Addison was “getting back to normal” after their separation in March.

“Last week, before I went to Atlanta, I was talking to Addison,” he said. “We were fine.” He explained that Addison arrived in Atlanta a week earlier, so they planned to leave when Bryce arrived. “We went out to eat. Addison and I are vibrating. We relaxed.”

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Then Bryce says things took a turn. “The day of the fight is coming. They tell me the situation with her and another guy,” Bryce said. “He hits me right in the fucking chest. I was in shock. And then, I realized that maybe that’s why he went to Atlanta a week earlier and I said, ‘Oh my God, I feel so stupid.’

After rumors began to surface about a possible connection between Addison and rapper Jack Harlow, Bryce took to Twitter to express his opinion on the situation, posting and then deleting “downgrade” and “I’m about to explode man.”

“I tweeted those things out of sheer rage. I wasn’t thinking in the slightest,” Bryce said of the tweets on Sway Life.

Bryce said he was previously under the impression that Addison and he were going to get back together and even had a conversation about it. “Everything was going very well,” he said. “I think she cheated on me. That’s the worst feeling.”

Addison commented on IGTV, writing, “The truth? This is very one-sided.”

Addison Rae describes

He then went to Twitter and posted, “double standards.”

Bryce, for his part, tweeted, “calm down.”

So far, Addison has not spoken publicly about the situation in depth.

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