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Addison Rae copies Kylie Jenner’s plan to enjoy a ‘COVID-19-free’ getaway

Addison Rae has enjoyed a few family days in the Utah desert. The young woman and her mother, Sheri Nicole have made a getaway to get away from the city and civilization.

A great idea for some ‘COVID-19-free’ holiday is to go to places not very crowded and outdoors, so plans in the middle of nature have become more fashionable than ever. And what better than to complement it with outdoor sports such as climbing or hiking.

In this way we have been able to see Addison pose among the spectacular landscape of the canyons eroded by water, record tiktoks on the sand, perform climbing or paddle surfing in the Lake Powell, an artificial lake where it is common to perform water sports and which has been the scene of the filming of various films such as ‘The posed of the apes’.

A plan that has been ‘copied’, or inspired by, Kylie Jenner. The little sister of the Kardashian clan was also in the Utah desert a few months ago to take a few days off. He did it in luxurious resort in which Rae also seems to have stayed with her mother and podcast partner.

Addison Rae is the tiktoker highest paid platform according to Forbes magazine, so you can pay without problem this type of accommodation with the five million dollars you have earned over the past year. It may be that even the own Kourtney Kardashian, Addison’s inseparable friend and Kylie’s older sister, recommended that hotel to her.

And not only has she gone to the same place as the businesswoman, but she has recreated some of her photographs in a bikini. One more proof that Addison Rae is becoming quite a Kardashian.

Despite being in the middle of the desert and playing sports, they have also had time to pose and record videos for TikTok with most elegant looks in which you can appreciate the spectacular landscape that has made Addison disconnect so much as to think that he was on another planet.

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