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Addison Rae generates controversy for a video in which he greets Trump

People have hallucinated with the latest move of Addison Rae. The ‘tiktoker’, known for being the highest paid user of the Chinese social network, attended like many other ‘celebrities’ (Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker included) to the UFC final.

There, among the audience, was sitting the controversial former president of the United States Donald Trump, and the video in which she was caught approaching to greet him and introduce herself went viral.

In the clip, uploaded by nelk youtubers, addison is shown touching his shoulder to get their attention and saying, “Hi, I’m Addison. Delighted to meet you, I had to say hello. So, delighted.” Hit the ‘play’ to see for yourself:

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The video has generated debate and disenchantment on the part of his followers because most do not share Trump’s ideology, but also (and mainly) because the former president was against the permanence of TikTok in the United States and, this being Addison’s main source of income, they do not see the point of the fact that he is pleasant with him.

Also, this isn’t the only ‘skating’ of the ‘tiktoker’ that night. Moments before the event, she uploaded a ‘tweet’ in which she said that she had studied for three months how to present and do interviews with microphone in hand, since she would be in charge of doing this task during the red carpet. And this issue sparked another debate in which there were two poles: those who criticized addison’s labor intrusion and those who praised that, since many ‘celebrities’ are the ones who sometimes present actions like this, she had at least studied how to do it.

So far, Addison has not commented, we are waiting for him to publish something about it.

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