Addison Rae gives details on Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

The wonderful life stage you are now experiencing Kourtney Kardashian it’s thanks to her new boyfriend Travis Barker—it looks like she’s back to her teens!—, but also to the friendship she’s been developing in recent months with Addison Rae, the star of TikTok. Since last summer, the ‘celebrity’ and the ‘influencer’ do not separate, doing everything that two ordinary ‘besties’ do, such as going shopping, going out to dinner or traveling, even creating confusion among the Kardashian clan about what kind of union they maintain.

Yes, we had a good laugh when Khloé asked Rae if she was sleeping with her sister, even though she was twenty years apart. Although once past this stage, and with the relationship of Travis Barker and Kourtney completely consolidated, Addison has been the one who has confessed his opinion on the fashionable couple.

It happened during an interview for the magazine Rollacoaster, where she has assured that the Kardashian has become a very good friend. ”She has counted on me for many things and has given me a lot of support during these new experiences that I am living,” he explained. And then, he said what he thought about the relationship his ‘BFF’ has with the rapper. As the title of the song with which she debuted in music says, she confesses to being ‘obsessed’: ”I’m obsessed. I love Kourt, I want Travis, they’re both amazing people and I wish them well. They’re very monkeys when they’re together,” he says. Friends like that, we love them!

kourtney kardashian and addison rae

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We are looking forward to the couple and the ‘tiktoker’ soon to give us some kind of content on social networks, having dinner or having a few drinks together. A date to four would be great, but let’s remember that Addison is now single, although we keep flipping with the kiss that was given live a few weeks ago with his cast compi in ‘He’s All That, Tanner Buchanan, and the confessions he made to Hailey Bieber about love…

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