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Addison Rae secured her future in acting, because of the haters?

It was recently revealed that the tiktoker Addison rae signed a contract with Netflix After the success of her acting debut in ‘He’s All That’, however, the influencer is involved in the midst of criticism as users of social networks assure that her fame is due to the haters and not his acting talent.

TikTok user Mallezaa revealed that Addison secured her future as an actress thanks to the haters, that is, thanks to the people who saw the movie just out of kink and in order to criticize the internet star’s performance.

Recall that Addison came to acting with ‘He’s All That’ in August of this year, whose debut details we fully share in The Truth News. In a short time the film has reached number one in more than 70 countries.

Haters Bring Addison Rae to Fame?

According to the video of the tiktoker Mallezaa, many people saw the film to criticize and judge the “terrible” participation of the actress, but as millions of people saw it, it became the number one film in more than 78 countries, including Brazil, France and Saudi Arabia.

The passage of Addison From tiktoker to movie star, it generated curiosity among Internet users who did not miss the film in order to be able to express their opinion about her performance, so after the premiere of ‘He’s All That’, the actress became a global trend.

It was so much the movement that it generated in social networks that Netflix He sought out the 20-year-old actress to offer her a contract to shoot multiple films over several years. So it is very likely that we will see her in many more projects in the coming months, even years.

What did Addison Rae study?

She went from student to businesswoman and actress.

The Tiktok star entered Louisiana State University to study Journalism, however, a year after starting his studies, he dropped out of school to dedicate himself to his social network profile, where he already had almost a million followers.

In a short time the young tiktoker made a profit for five million dollars thanks to its videos and advertising sold on said social network. It was so successful that Addison Rae has now signed a multi-movie deal with Netflix.

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