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Addison Rae, the Tik Toker who earns $ 5 million for dancing in front of a cell phone – La Nación

Many people call Addison Rae ‘Nini’ (she neither studies nor works), or they simply think that she is lazy. But the truth is that, regardless of your concept of her, you are a millionaire, you live like a movie star and accumulate dollars in your bank account just by moving your hips.

At 19 he even had the luxury of dropping out of college. The thing is – “for what?” – she must have thought – if dancing through Tik Tok, the fashion social network, is enough for her to lead the life of a queen.

For those who do not know what Tik Tok is, we tell you that it is a social network of Chinese origin that allows you to create, edit and upload one-minute musical selfies, to which you can apply various effects and add a musical background.

Well, officially, Rae is the highest paid person on that social network and the second with the most followers: he has more than 60 million followers. Per year, the young dancer makes about $ 5 million thanks to her appearances on Tik Tok and her income is constantly increasing.

Rae, simply put, is a rising celebrity and businesswoman. She, to the headache of her critics, is representative premium of the new trades that social networks promote and that do not require titles to be exercised.

Rae also didn’t have to be in a movie to make it, modeling on a runway in Paris, much less appearing in a music video for a famous band. The popular tiktoker He just took his cell phone, downloaded the application that everyone was talking about and began to “make ugly”, choreographing his favorite artists.

At first it was just a hobby, but sooner rather than later, it completely changed her life. He never expected such success, but he did it in just 12 months.

“I actually downloaded the app in July 2019, made a post, just with a friend, and literally out of nowhere I got 93,000 likes,” Rae commented in a recent interview with the magazine. Hollywire.

Everything else came to him in addition.

Don’t think Addison Rae is just clowning around on Tik Tok. The truth is that, to impress her followers, this young American drew on what she did best in life.

From the age of 2, her parents took her to popular dance classes and, at 4, she was already competing in all the United States with girls her age.

In addition, since she was a child she practiced gymnastics and was part of the cheerleading squad of her high school.

In early 2019 Addison, who was born in Louisiana in 2000, He entered the State University of his state to study journalism. It is that, to tell the truth, she had everything to be a communicator and conquer everyone through television: she was beautiful, expressive and she was not afraid of cameras.

But Addison preferred to take a shorter path. The day she met Tik Tok and her fame began to grow like foam, the girl decided to take a long break and put her books away.

At the beginning, on Tik Tok, Adisson started out doing what everyone does. Through his lips, he pretended to speak or sing with voices of fantasy or themes of famous artists.

In several of her videos, curiously, her mother Sheri accompanied her, as if she were a millennial plus. In fact, her mother was the star of the video that made her viral.

A sketch what did Adisson do with the song Obsessed from Mariah Carey, was what changed everything. Carey herself walked into Tik Tok, saw Addison choreographing her song, and bang, she liked it.

That “like” was a popularity torpedo. In just a few hours, Addison Rae’s account went from a few thousand followers to amassing millions.

“Suddenly, some people would yell my name when I was walking to class. That was amazing to me, “Addison said on his Instagram account.

Nothing to do, from that moment on, Addison made Tik Tok his future.

“My dad told me: -you know what, do whatever. If you really think you’re going to do this, you’re going to make it work, and you have a plan, go for it. I believe in you, I trust you- “, revealed Addison in a podcast that he has with his mother, which is named Mama Knows Best.

So, looking for Tik Tok to recognize her among his influencers More spoiled, Addison moved from Lusiana to Los Angeles and everything began to explode. Even her parents went with her, because the dollars began to arrive.

“When we moved here as a family that’s when things really started to skyrocket,” added Addison.

And he spoke the truth: young Rae. In less than a year of activity, she became a millionaire.

“TikTok was what got me where I am. All this has been crazy, “said the young woman.” Hollywire, an American magazine.

Of course, the social network created in China only meant the initial showcase of his career. Without even intending it, commercial brands began to take notice of her charms and turned her Tik Tok appearances into an effective advertising machine.

According to the magazine ForbesTwo-thirds of Addison’s revenue comes from campaigns for the sports brand Reebok and Daniel Wellington watches.

As if that were not enough, in July of this year the young woman also became the global representative of the American Eagle clothing brand and is about to launch her own cosmetics brand, Item Beauty.

But before trading her talent, Addison took one more hit on Tik Tok. He joined to The Hype House, a collaborative project of influencers to create joint content. There, for example, he met Charli D’Amelio, the 16-year-old dancer who has the largest number of followers on the Chinese social network: more than 80 million followers.

The advice received in The Hype House they gave it the final push. Not only did it help her grow her following by a few million more followers, but it got her thinking about trading her image and taking everything to the next level.

One day of so many Addison appeared in a photograph with Kourtney Kardashian, one of the members of the famous clan of socialites. It is not clear how the two met, so many speculate that their relationship is one of convenience, rather than a sincere friendship.

A move by Addison to consolidate himself in the world of show business? It could be, although the only verifiable thing is that the dancer is photographed with Kourtney as if they were old and close friends.

From that society, Addison achieved two things: surpass 60 million followers on Tik Tok and, of course, launch herself as an entrepreneur. Kourtney, for years, runs her own makeup line and would have motivated Rae to do the same.

But Addison wants more. Although there is a long way from dancing in front of a cell phone screen and acting on the big screen, Addison Rae is already making plans to become an actress.

“I have taken many classes. I have read tons of scripts. Hopefully that will continue to be part of my life and maybe something big will come out, “said Addison to the Spanish newspaper. The truth.

At the moment, the closest Rae has been to cinema is voicing. For example, the popular tiktoker I participate in Spy cat (2019), an animated film in which she voiced Rosalinda.

However, in the pink American media it is said that several Hollywood producers are after their services. So it’s not uncommon for Addison to keep putting off returning to the classroom.

“In the future, I would like to come back to finish my degree. However, at this moment I feel that the opportunities I have are very close to where I was heading and what I was looking to achieve, ”said the influencer to Forbes.

According to projections of ForbesIn three years, Addison Rae could increase her fortune considerably. That is, from earning $ 5 million a year, you could go to more than $ 20 million.

According to the magazine specialized in finance and business, these projections are even modest, since it does not take into account an eventual millionaire contract in some Hollywood mega-movie or something like that.

In summary Forbes She considers that, with only her new businesses and her power of influence, Rae will not stop accumulating dollars in her bank account. It is that not only does he have 60 million on Tik Tok, but at this moment he has 25 million followers on Instagram and 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Addison Rae Easterling: $ 5 million.

He is 19 years old and has 60 million followers on Tik Tok. It is the second personality with the most followers from the social network and conquer everyone with fun dance choreography. She has her own makeup line and contracts with brands like Reebok and American Eagle. She wants to be an actress.

Charli D’Amelio: $ 4 million.

She is a dancer and is 16 years old. Although it is not the best paid Tik Tok, it is the one with the most followers, with more than 80 million followers. Basically, to gain a following, D’Amelio does the same thing as Addison Rae: uploads videos dancing to trendy songs. It also has a makeup line and a drink called The Charli, from the Dunkin Donuts franchise.

Dixie D’Amelio: $ 2.9 million.

She is Charli’s sister and she is 18 years old. In her posts on the social network she dances, but she has a special talent in her voice. In fact, a month ago he published his first promo song: Be Happy. In its first week, the song amassed more than 1.4 million streams on Spotify and hit the charts. Billboard. Dixie is the ninth most followed person on Tik Tok, with 37.7 million followers.

Loren Gray: $ 2.6 million

She is a singer, actress and influencer and has 47.3 million followers. He is 18 years old and his specialty in music is Pop and R&B. He has published eleven singles and appears with Taylor Swift in the video clip of the song The Man.

Josh richards: $ 1.5 million

The first male on the list is Canadian, he is 18 years old and is followed by 21.5 million followers. His posts often include dancing, lip syncing, and some video skits. He has acted in movies like Brother’s keeper and Summertime Dropouts.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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