Adele interrupts the show and scolds the security officer

To protect her fans, Adele (who recently came under the gun of Noel Gallagher) is ready to put her show on hold. In the middle of a run Water under the bridgeOn Saturday night, the pop star stopped the music to ask what was going on in the crowd at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

“What’s going on with this young fan who’s been so annoyed since I got on stage because he got up?” Adele asked the audience, as seen in the footage taken by the fans. “What is happening to him? Yes you, with your hand up, yes you!”

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Adele calls security to protect one of her fans: “Can you leave him alone?”

“Why are you all bothering him?” Adele asked. “Can you leave him alone, please? They won’t bother you anymore, dear. Enjoy the show. Leave him alone.” She then addressed the rest of the fans present, saying, “Sorry guys. Throughout the show, he was interrupted by security guards and other people seated behind him. He’s here to have fun. You are all here to have fun,” the singer continued. “Let’s start again,” Adele announced, and the band played again from the beginning. Water under the bridge.

In addition to Adele, Taylor Swift also came out in defense of a fan during her current tour. During the May 13 Eras Tour stop in Philadelphia, Swift interrupted her performance, enmity shout “It’s all right!” AND “He didn’t do anything!” between one text and another. “Hello! Stop!” he shouted at the aggressive guard before continuing his song.

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