Adele Lotito and Massimo Saverio Ruiu. Eros and psyche

website: Contemporary art by Borghini (Rome).

“Eros shakes my soul like the wind on a mountain…. which bursts into the oaks, unties the branches and shakes them like a sweet, bitter and indomitable snake.”
Roman artist Adele Lotito talks in her works about the pain of the female world, from which the installation draws inspiration. She intends to return to the past and offer the reality of women, of which often only the names in which this word shines remain. from sappho.

Adele Lotito’s poetics focuses on exploring the relationship between form and idea, between signifier and signified. He explores the territories of language, mathematics, music and science, and uses candle smoke on the surface of paper or aluminum products. Installations are made from various materials: from glass to plexiglass, and now also from light. The result is a work that seeks to reconcile a conceptual horizon with a lyricism inclined to Eastern inspirations, but also to an awareness of the crisis of the Western world.
“He writes not with tempera, nor oil, nor graphite, but with real candle smoke. Its surfaces are changeable, just as the sky is changeable and the cloudscape is unpredictable.”
(Roberto Gramiccia).

Massimo Saverio Ruiu creates works from painting to drawing, from assemblage to photography, from mosaics to performative actions, starting a broad narrative of works made between 1996 and 2020.

The poetics of Massimo Ruiu looks with interest at aesthetic formalization, which from an object of use becomes an artistic material in a process with a Dadaist charm, imbued with art history, philosophy, myth, occult sciences, literature, psychoanalysis, sexuality and religion. In the presented work, the artist silhouettes small birds with hunting pellets against an elegant floral background.
“The vision is cloaked in an idyllic image encased in a luminescent frame, which in its form and function is itself an instrument of ambush and crime.”
(Nicoletta Provenzano)

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Massimo Saverio Ruiu – Bad throw

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