Adele praises Beyoncé’s new work


Adele proved once again that she is one of Beyoncé’s biggest fans. The ‘ Someone Like You’ singer praised Beyoncé’s latest work, Black is King, by publishing a photo showing herself watching the Disney + film at home.

The singer landed in front of a television and made sure to wear a look to match that of her idol, Beyoncé, who appears in the film with a Marine Serre look. In addition to using the same pattern on the sweater, Adele also wore blonde, curly hair.

Thank you Queen for always making us feel so loved through your art”, reads the caption in the photograph. The fans reacted positively to the post, expressing excitement for Adele’s “new look”, and for her love for Beyoncé. Just over an hour after the record was released, the artist got 1.5 million likes.

The album  Black is King comes a year after the release of The Lion King: The Gift, but the celebration of black roots and culture comes at the right time. There is a renewed focus of the artist on themes such as racial injustice and oppression, after demonstrations against systemic racism, and in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement, to mark international news.

Adele has been an unconditional Beyoncé fan for years

At the 2017 Grammy Awards, the British singer took the stage to accept the album of the year award, but it was Beyoncé’s album, Lemonade, which was also nominated for the same category, that the singer felt the need to honor and mention.

The artist of my life is Beyoncé and this album, for me, the Lemonade album, is so monumental ”, he expressed. “It was so monumental and so well thought out, so beautiful and revealing of your soul and thoughts, and we all managed to see another side of you that you don’t always let us see and we really appreciate it”, she said, moved.