Adele, what a heart! He interrupts the show and defends the fan: “Leave him alone”

Adele receives an award at the Brit Awards
Adele receives an award at the Brit Awards (Ansa, Instagram @adele) –

Another gesture by Adele that touches and is highly appreciated by the audience.

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about relationship between artists and fans during the concert. About what can and cannot be done. But above all about what the viewer should never do.

There were absolutely sensational cases, due to which some concerts almost reached the courtroom – episodes that were destined to leave important consequences.

Adele and her people

Among the artists who have taken an extremely clear position on this issue are Adele, singer loved by the public she is highly respected precisely for the clarity of her views, always extremely direct and consistent.

When a few weeks ago American rapper Bebe Rexha having ended up in the hospital with a broken nose, hitting her face with a phone thrown by a fan, Adele was one of the first to react with extreme harshness: “I love my audience, I give all my strength on stage and do not spare myself for people who want to come to me. But there are things that I can’t stand. And I want you to know. If something comes flying on my stage to offend me or my musicians, given its danger to those who are just doing their job, I don’t care about the consequences. I personally go down to the hall and take the one who hit this object. I do it with these hands.”

The audience watching his concert applauded his outburst for nearly two minutes.

Very controversial episodes

A gesture that became almost necessary after the United States began to talk only about mania of protagonism of some viewers, ready for anything to take a selfie or social media image.

Mobile phone abandoned in Bebe Rexhu it was just the first of a series of episodes that spread like wildfire almost everywhere. The fan who stopped the show Bryan Adams go on stage and take the microphone away from him. Woman spread out on stage Pink the ashes of his recently deceased mother. Another spectator, identified later, threw a cocktail at Cardi B during a show in New York. Make a rapper react and take big risks. Because the microphone that Cardi B tried to hit him with fell on another girl, who in turn ended up in the hospital due to the consequences of the collision.

Adele and fan protection

Although this time Adele sits in a chair for an episode that occurred during his show in Las Vegas. During the performance of the work drinking wine, Adele understands that something is wrong with the audience and decides to intervene personally, interrupting the song.

The singer addresses security directly, in a very blunt way: Can you leave this boy alone? What’s wrong with singing and having fun at my show? He can do it, everyone should do it, everyone here just wants to feel good and have fun. So get up and sing, my friend, no one will bother you anymore.”

A stunning image of Adele waving to a female audience member.
Gorgeous image of Adele greeting one of her audience members – Credits to Adele Official Press (

Words That Literally Enthusiastic People who applauded Adele just before the singer thanked her and asked the band to start the song again.

The episode apparently went viral thanks to several videos that immediately went viral. The main fan of the series is called Juanpa Lastra and after the show he was approached by some journalists: “I didn’t think I was bothering anyone, I was in seventh heaven and singing songs, maybe I stood for a few moments and a few people in the audience got angry. Security arrived immediately to seat me. This happened twice. And then there was the position of Adele, which, frankly, I never expected and for which I am sincerely grateful to her … “.

In defense of the fans

The day after the show Juanpa Lastra released another video on his Tik Tok account, he personally thanked Adele: “Thank you so much for this breathtaking night and for supporting me so that I can experience your concert as it should be. I still can’t get over the fact that I was only a few meters away from you. As for what happened… I didn’t care at all what other people told me. I was just mesmerized by the masterpiece that I saw with my own eyes, and I had no time for haters.

The video was posted by an Adele fan on Tik Tok.


Adele, thank you so much for this exciting night and for supporting me so that I can live your concert the way it should be. I’m also sorry that I didn’t answer any of the rhymes you asked me. you started talking to me and I literally stopped breathing. I planned to come to this concert for over a year, and finally I had the opportunity to see the most beautiful and glorious woman this earth has ever had. I still can’t get over the fact that I was in the same room with Adele, singing every song with her, and she even stopped the show to protect me. I didn’t expect everyone in my department to be mad at me for having a great time and wanting to get up and sing along with her, but to be honest, I didn’t care at all what anyone said to me, I just was delighted with it. a masterpiece that I have seen with my own eyes. I didn’t have time for these haters. @Adele Access #adele #weekendswithadele #lasvegas #ceasarspalace🇵🇷

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Adele continues to rerun her regular show with great success. Weekend with Adele To Caesar Palace Las Vegas, with a long string of shows scheduled for early November. This episode follows another official statement in which Taylor Swift personally approached one of her show’s security guards who asked some of the girls not to dance or stand up during her concert.

Hugely appreciated by the fans of the singer-songwriter, a gesture that has become one of the most shared on the Internet in an endless stream of materials related to the great success of the song.Era tour.

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