Adele’s agent “paid a salary of 67 million” even without new music and no show


British singer Adele’s manager reportedly paid himself 10 million pounds (about 67.6 million reais) last year, despite the fact that no new songs have been released by the artist on the market.

Jonathan Dickins gave himself the amount after Adele’s management company, September Management, made a profit of £ 2m in 10 months, along with £ 12m in cash reserves.


According to  The Sun, even though Adele had a low profit of 7 million pounds compared to a profit of 9 million pounds in 2019, September is still raising a lot of money. In addition, his second company, Melted Stone Ltd., apparently has £ 44 million in bank accounts, that is: (297.5 million reais).

O gerente de Adele, Jonathan Dickins

New song?

The London-born star has not released any new songs since the acclaimed 2015 album, which included the hit singles Hello and When We Were Young. When asked when new songs would be released on Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic, Adele replied, “ Of course not. Corona is not over. I’m quarantined. Wear a mask and be patient “.

Jonathan Dickins previously spoke with Newsweek about when Adele’s next album will be released. He said: “ It is not coming in September, it will be ready when it is ready. We’re all in the same boat, you’re doing things, and suddenly the world stops. It will arrive when it is ready. ”


He continued: “ I still cannot set a date. We have music, but we are still working “. According to The Sun, he also said: “ The sooner you leave, the better.


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