Adele’s former personal trainer gives details and explains the reason behind the singer’s great weight loss: ‘The goal was never for her to be super-thin’


This Saturday (1), Adele caused a commotion on social networks by posting a photo praising Beyoncé’s new work, “Black Is King”. What surprised internet users was the singer’s physique, who appeared much thinner. The artist had already made the news for the same reason in May this year when she shared an image thanking her wishes for happiness on her birthday. Given the great attention that the subject received, Adele’s ex-personal trainer revealed the reason for the radical change of the singer … and it has nothing to do with thinness!

Pete Geracimo said on her Instagram account that the artist decided to change her lifestyle, with diet and exercise, because of her son, little Angelo. “When Adele and I started this journey, the goal was never to be super thin. The goal was to improve your health. Especially after the birth of her son, ” he said.

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The person said that his career also played an important role in the decision. “When ’25’ was released and the tour was announced, we had to prepare for a tiring 13-month concert schedule,” she said, referring to the singer’s third album, “25”, released in 2015. The artist started working with Pete at that time and has since lost 45 kg.

Angelo is now seven years old and is the result of Adele’s eight-year relationship with businessman Simon Konecki. They married in 2016 and separated three years later, in 2019. Despite the breakup, the two maintain a friendly relationship and remain close to raise their son.

Gerasimov made a long outburst about some criticisms that the singer was receiving due to the weight. “As Adele’s former personal trainer in London, it is disheartening to read negative comments and fat-phobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her incredible weight loss. In my personal experience working with her through many ups and downs, she has always marched at her own pace and on her terms. She never underestimated her God-given talent in any way. She let her incredible voice speak, or should I say sing! She never pretended to be something she wasn’t, ”she wrote. The most important thing is that Adele is happy, healthy, and comfortable with her body, regardless of what it looks like!