Adidas bets everything and has its high-end shoes at 30%

Adidas is anticipating these days to Black friday and puts on sale some of the high-end sneaker models that everyone wants. Shoes like the one you just lowered with a 30% discount, thus becoming a “top sales” from the well-known sports firm.

Adidas bets everything and has its high-end shoes at 30%

Many are the Adidas sneakers that tend to sweep sales as soon as they go on the market, but sometimes we cannot buy them since although their quality and design is unbeatable, the truth is that they are not cheap at all. Luckily we have periods like sales or now the Black Friday to go for them; So if you want one of the latest Adidas models without the need to pay almost 200 euros, take advantage because this is your moment.

Adidas sneakers

Adidas thus advances to the celebration of Black Friday with a 30% discount on the Ultraboost 21 shoe model, one of the lightest and best valued of how many it has for sale.

A shoe designed with the best Adidas quality to guarantee that when you go out for a run you can ensure that each stride, each step, you can take safely and comfortably. This particular model has the Ultraboost 21 technology which adds up to 6% more Boost capsules in the inner sole to provide energy return to each stride, in addition to having the heel part reinforced and also having the new “Torsion System”, a system capable of increasing the flexibility of the forefoot area by 15% so that in this way you can boost your run.

A model of sports shoes that also does not go unnoticed when it comes to its lightness. In fact, it only weighs 340 grams So when you wear them and start running, you will notice how it is one of the best shoes for running.

And if you only like them for their design, you are in luck since thanks to all of the above, you will be able to make sure you have good shoes for a long time. In addition, being so elegant they combine both with sportswear and if you prefer to wear them with a shirt and simple jeans.

What are you waiting for? Normally the price of these shoes in the Adidas store is 180 euros, but they are now Reduced with a 30% discount so they will only cost us € 126 (numbers between 40.5 and 46).

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