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Aries is ultra-sporty by default and will spend the summer in shorts. T-shirt or crop tops. The outfit is allowed until 18:00, by the evening appropriate adjustments are necessary: Bermuda shorts A solid color and a linen shirt is the solution. Mid-calf terry socks remain a teenage fantasy.

Must have of the season: there multifunctional bag sport/travel

Journey: fitness rest is a dream in an Aries desk drawer: hiking in the mountains or surfing in Portugal. For those who want to test their strength, astrocartography recommends going to wild Africa.

Food and drinks: sports performances require a light and high-protein aperitif from Aries

Reference Icons: Leonardo Spinazzola – Sun and Venus in Aries – bold and charming.


A lover of nature and simplicity, Taurus goes well with Hawaiian shirts that are perfectly studded with hibiscus. Pair with short and espadrilles by day and linen trousers and moccasins by evening floral prints authorized at any time. Do not stretch fabrics.

Must have of the season: Sunglasses from natural wood

Journey: a wilderness destination, whether it be a refuge in the mountains and in an event or a deserted island. Convenient alternative? Austria and Slovenia are five-star destinations.

Food and drinks: a cocktail based on herbal distillates and roots: a gin and tonic is always good.

Reference Icons: Robert Pattison which combines a desire for serenity with a completely fluid ability to stay in the spotlight and intelligently enjoy success.


Attract attention 24 hours a day Gemini spare no expense if they can: the perfect outfit will be designer or with instantly recognizable iconic motifs. However, ingenious inexpensive solutions can keep Geminis feeling satisfied: T-shirts with slogans or catchy phrases and oversized shorts. For the evening, it is better to play a bold color card and not take risks further.

Must have of the season: slippers and socks? Only up to 18 years old.

Journey: a European capital where you can discover museums, monuments and history. The stars would suggest Spain, but a last-minute itinerary change could take you to the Azores.

Food and drinks: rooftop aperitif with appetizers and/or very stylish sushi

Link icon: Paolo Sorrentino the wit of Gemini, spiced up with the critical spirit of Mars in this sign.


Inspired by Picasso, the classic white and blue sailor print seems to be made especially for Cancer, a water sign that loves anything that leads to classicism and seaside vacation. In combination with White pantsbetter if long and sandals in the skin.

Must have of the season: vintage accessory, straw hat or sunglasses in retro style.

Journey: from Greece to Provence via Capri.

Food and drinks: classic martini from the 50s

Reference Icons: Achilles Lauro, which in addition to the Sun represents Mercury and Jupiter: its connection with tradition is nothing short of revolutionary. His proposals are capable of causing discussion, but they signal the ability for renewal, which is so dear to Cancer.


Not everyone can afford to wear sheer fabrics with ease, Leo can, and the result is amazing: we are obviously talking about evening wear, for which a fishnet or peek-a-boo T-shirt is what seduces. For the perfect day bright colorscontrasts, fluorescent or golden yellow t-shirts.

Must have of the season: bracelet, very stylish metal bracelet

Journey: destination hot countries. The stars promise unforgettable moments for trips to South America, Venezuela at the top.

Food and drinks: spicy aperitif and smoky taste

Reference Icons: Luca Marini, a Leo who knows how to take matters into his own hands under any circumstances.


Virgo pairs are a textbook: nothing escapes the accuracy of this sign, who don’t feel good unless they study every detail of what they need to wear, thinking it through beforehand. To avoid stressful design sessions, opt for a minimal-chic solution: neutral colors for T-shirts and shirts to combine with light and always long trousers. No stripes, checks or polka dots.

Must have of the season: Belt

Journey: a carefully organized group trip with a community of participants and a coordinator/point of contact. The destination of the zodiac is one of the beautiful islands of the Greek archipelago.

Food and drinks: healthy aperitif and Virgin Mojito

Reference Icons: Harry the Duke of Sussex, whose stories are on everyone’s lips. Mercury, the lord of communication, rules this sign and certainly knows how to get attention.

Ulm, Germany – August 28, 2021: Close-up of the astronomical clock in the old town hall in Ulm.


In Libra’s DNA there is a sense of proportion and a chameleon-like ability to quickly adapt to situations: a very informal daytime outfit in which he appears on the beach gets the go-to for the evening. Modesty and delicacy are the keywords: a beige T-shirt or linen shirt in pastel colors combined with Bermuda shorts and moccasins is a winning outfit.

Must have of the season: bucket hat

Journey: The directions suggested by the zodiac lead to Slovenia and Croatia, places where you can get without remembering clothes and with a balanced price / quality ratio.

Food and drinks: km zero menu is better if cruelty free

Reference Icons: Phaedes – Sun, Mars and Mercury in a sign – shows that he has a sparkling and sharp ability to communicate.


However, forced to ditch the leather jacket for obvious seasonal reasons, Scorpio doesn’t archive jeans and a printed T-shirt, or opt for the total black option, especially for evening outings. Come to the beach with sneakers and socks and prefers to wear swimming trunks.

Must have of the season: Mirrored sunglasses that accentuate dark charm.

Journey: Destination Route 66 or alternatively all of Italy, the stars recommend a trip to the lesser known Sardinia.

Food and drinks: in search of unusual flavors.

Reference Icons: Eros Ramazzotti – Venus and Neptune in your sign – how many couples did he make you fall in love with?


A born explorer, he is at home in ultra-casual safari style or bohemian style. Leather bag, skinny jeans, oversized linen shirt with pajama effect, rope sandals. outfit savage

Must have of the season: pashmina

Journey: destination Egypt. But Sagittarius always has a backup destination. If you need ideas, the stars lead right under the Florida sun.

Food and drinks: preferably exotic or unusual

Link Icon: Vincent Casselsupported by Venus in your sign, exudes an evergreen charm.


The “I just got out of the office” style is typical of hard-working Capricorns who don’t seem to have vacations. A neat, informal outfit is perfect for this situation. Polo T-shirt, always long pants and sneakers – what you need. You are the only sign of the zodiac that is allowed to go outside the rows in the evening: treat yourself to at least one bright color. Acid green?

Must have of the season: Backpack with 2,000 compartments and room for a tablet

Journey: anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and it will work great in Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. The word of the stars.

Food and drinks: carefully prepared dinner

Link icon: Timothée Chalamet an example of Capricorn, dedicated to almost eternal success and sensationally indicated by five planets in a sign.


He likes to experiment with the aquarium, he easily copes with fashionable cuts, colors and materials: therefore, the option with a psychedelic pattern – Thai dye, which has returned to fashion since the nineties, is ideal. If there are no restrictions for a daytime outfit, then the accepted evening shade is blue or light blue and goes well with long plain trousers. No sandals: they will have a Woodstock effect.

Must have of the season: knitted product.

Journey: Aquarius chooses exotic destinations like Cuba or chic destinations like France, Capri or Forte dei Marmi.

Food and drinks: print “the drunkest drink of summer 2023

Reference Icons: Cristiano Ronaldo, supported by Mercurio in the sign, manages to clearly assess what is convenient for him and what is not, under any circumstances.

FANTASY eccentric #FISH

The antithesis of Virgo’s minimalist chic, Pisces love incredible color combinations and offbeat pairings, from Miami cocktail style to safari park style. To avoid improbable kitsch slips, it is better to plan an outfit or make multiple passages in front of a mirror, rather than improvise. Avoid neutral colors or classic cuts that will make you look ugly.

Must have of the season: mismatched flip flops

Journey: a romantic trip to Paris or magical Ireland of fairies and goblins.

Food and drinks: unusual tapas

Reference Icons: Alessandro Gassmann, who combines the qualities of an artist with considerable rational ability, due to Mercury and Saturn in the sign.

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