AEW, Sarai London Champion and Family Party: ‘I Couldn’t Before’

AEW, Sarai London Champion and Family Party: ‘I Couldn’t Before’
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barn Counts true pioneer of women’s wrestlingbecause it has achieved a lot in WWE during his stay there Page and it was the first face of the Feminine Evolution. His life has been full of ups and downs sinceremoved from the ring due to a serious neck injurybut the English wrestler he never gave up. At that time basically back to work in the struggle and in front of the assembled compatriots in London for all-inYes it AEW Women’s World Champion Graduate. And at the conference at the end of the show, he explained that he had finally able to celebrate with my familyWhat WWE never let her celebrate in public before the release of Fighting with My Family.

For those who don’t remember Fighting My Family is a 2019 film. was focused onSaraya’s WWE Adventurefocusing mainly on your time spent in NXT. It ended it extraordinary triumph in winning the divas championship in the role PageV episode of Raw that actually aired day after WrestleMania XXX.

Production of “Fighting with My Family” WWE studio involvement And Seven Bucks Productions Dwayne Johnsonwith the same Rock who appeared in the film as himselfas well as a talented cast, which included Stephen Merchant, Nick Frost and Vince Vaughn.

Saraya: The importance of celebrating with family at AEW All In

At that time Sarai Royals Appear at AEW All inconsidering that in London the favorite of the home audience he will win the world title. And during a press conference at the end of the show, the new champion explained: how amazing it was for her celebrate his success with your family. Indeed, he showed thatin past“It was not not even allowed to speak in public their wrestling relatives before the release of Fighting with My Family. Link clearly in WWEbut the one who in Stamford became famous as Paige he never directly mentioned.

In past they were never given a chance to be demonstrated. They are not never been recognized and I wasn’t allowed to acknowledge them publicly until the movie came out Saraya explained.. Only then was I allowed to do so. Tony Khan didn’t even ask that question.. He immediately said that wow of course we could show my family on tv“.

So Paige’s ex wanted to emphasize How important was this choice? for his relatives. “They have it really appreciate Saraya explained.. My father was very excited. My father he is not soft-bodied, he is not often movedhe is a very rude guy. He is missing some teeth because of all the quarrels of the past. Fine, he cried in the ring. Was very special moment stay with my family. They loved every second of it“.

Saraya also claimed that I want to work on a sequel to “Fighting With My Family” in future. We’ll have to wait and see how AEW will manage any project and what creative plans he will have for her now that she has become the champion of the company among women.

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