Affected by bird flu, Argentina resumes Vietnam as poultry export destination

argentina rehab Vietnam as its main market poultry export. Southeast Asian country is the fifth largest agricultural export destination,There are $3.19 billion. The recovery of the poultry farming industry has set a precedent for the industry and is expected to drive the growth of the industry in the international market.

As one of the world’s economic powerhouses, Vietnam plays a particularly prominent role. Major Buyers of Poultry Mealwhich makes it an extremely important market for Argentine agribusiness.

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Authorization announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (SAGyP) Export of poultry products and poultry mealThe country is increasingly becoming an important customer for agro-industrial exports after Asian countries accepted zoning standards. The achievement of this reopening is the result of a joint effort of the State Agricultural Health and Quality Service (SENASA), the sector’s chamber of commerce and the public sector technical team, and was recognized by the Department of Agriculture.

Minister of State Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Juan José Bashilo expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved and the joint efforts to achieve the restoration of the destination. He emphasized that the support and commitment of SENASA as well as the private sector played a vital role in this process.

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The vice president of SENASA said: Rudolph Acerby, Stressed the importance of efforts to reopen markets for poultry products in the zoning strategy No bird flu. This zoning approach has been embraced by countries and is key to recovery in other markets such as Vietnam and China.

As a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam ranks fifth among the main destinations of Argentina's agro-industrial exports, with a total value of US$3.19 billion.  (Photo: Reuters)

As a Southeast Asian country, Vietnam ranks fifth among the main destinations of Argentina’s agro-industrial exports, with a total value of US$3.19 billion. (Photo: Reuters)

In recent months, the issue has been negotiated by the government, with Juan José Bajillo, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Cecilia Todesca Bo, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for International Economic Relations Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Tran Tanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Do Thang Hai, Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce of Vietnam.

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The resumption of poultry exports to Vietnam is good news for Argentine agribusiness and the government, especially given the difficult economic situation Urgent demand for foreign exchange.

Consolidating its position in this strategic market is a major achievement.Furthermore, it sets a positive precedent for the continued promotion of agricultural production and exports in the country Quality and Competitiveness International reach of Argentine products.

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