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Afghan Central Bank Seizes $ 10 Billion From US, Biden Cuts US Dollar Shipments To Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has been an extremely long conflict since the United States occupied the country in 2001 to oust the Taliban from power. After the disorderly departure, the American occupation of Afghanistan was compared to the mistakes made during the Vietnam War. Now that a large number of US forces have left Kabul, reports show that the Federal Reserve branch in New York has seized $ 10 billion in assets from the Afghan central bank. In addition, last week, the Biden administration stopped shipments of dollars to Afghanistan.

America’s “disorderly” exit from Afghanistan is turning into a financial war

The war in Afghanistan, in which the United States was involved, was a long-standing foreign policy turbulence for the American bureaucrats who supported the invasion. 2021 “The fall of Kabul“It was a difficult exit, and critics of the US military-industrial complex compared the war in Afghanistan to the war in Vietnam. In an address to the American public, President Joe Biden explained that despite the “disorderly” departure, “there has never been a good opportunity to withdraw US forces.”

Since US forces left last week, there have been a shortage of US dollars.

However, the number of US troops sent to Afghanistan has decreased since the departure. It rose to 6,000. Furthermore, the United States continues to profit from the financial war, as the $ 10 billion assets of the Afghan central bank are owned by American and allied forces. based on reportsAfghanistan’s central bank assets contained $ 1.3 billion in gold and $ 361 million in international currency. Afghans do not have access to these funds because the assets are currently there. held at financial institutions such as the Federal Reserve Branch (FRBNY) in New York.

FRBNY has $ 1.3 billion in Afghan gold bullion, which represents more than half of the Afghan central bank’s gold reserves. THE consolidated statement indicates that FRBNY owns approximately $ 6.1 billion of all assets. The Afghan central bank will not see these funds soon, as the US government believes they will fall into the hands of the Taliban. In addition, last week, the Biden administration stopped giving US dollars to Afghanistan to keep the funds away from members of the Taliban.

The New York Fed, US banks and the Biden administration are working to block access to Afghan funds.

Sources in the case say the United States has imposed an Afghan financial blockade while the Federal Reserve and other US financial institutions are “working to block” access to the funds. For whatever reason, the Biden government and allied forces wholeheartedly believe that the Afghan government’s bank assets should be monitored and sanctioned. “The assets of the central bank of the Afghan government in the United States will not be available to the Taliban,” a Biden administration official told reporters.

The additional forces that have emerged since the so-called exit from Afghanistan and the economic sanctions show that the United States is unwilling to withdraw so easily from the world order. Afghanistan is likely to have problems with the financial system monopolized by the global central banking system, just as many other nation states are discarded by the American bureaucracy. Nation-states like North Korea, Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, and now Afghanistan will feel the wrath of financial weapons and economic exclusion.

The topic of the Biden administration, which stopped sending the dollar last week, was a popular topic on Reddit’s r / bitcoin forum focused on bitcoins. Many believe that Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention was created to elude the views of central financial planners and the whims of bureaucrats.

What do you think about the US Federal Reserve and the Biden government bringing financial weapons to Afghanistan? Let us know what you think on this topic in the comment section below.

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