Afida Turner: Her announcement of the utmost importance makes Internet users react on Twitter!


On Twitter, she took the floor to announce the news that will leave no one unmoved …

Remember, on May 31, Afida Turner got hold of her Twitter account to throw a big announcement. “Dear fans, dear French, I am announcing my candidacy for the presidential election in order to remedy the problems of the yellow vests and, moreover, this violent police”, she indicated before provoking a real tidal wave of reactions.

For those who thought she was joking, she had reaffirmed her intentions on the show, C Que du Kiff, to run for the presidential elections of 2022. “You know who you are dealing with. I never joke”, had- she let go to Cyril Hanouna. And for those who doubted her ability to obtain the required sponsorships, the singer had expressed her tactics. “You know how it goes with mayors. You always have to pay bribes, I’ll take out my check.”

But Monday, January 11, Afida Turner decided to change her mind. In a new tweet, she said: “Info Alert: Following Donald Trump’s stolen elections, I, therefore, decided not to run for the presidential election anymore: Being now disgusted with politics!”

A message that again aroused some reactions, especially from Internet users rather … mocking!

In 2016, the one who blew her 44th birthday affirmed on social networks her support for the American billionaire (who is about to leave the White House to leave her then opposed to Hillary Clinton.

“Fed up with Donald Trump’s archery in the USA: I am not politic and far from being politically correct but we must recognize his courage and bravery. Alone against the whole Clinton and Obama clan. Much love and respect to Donald trump who has balls! But if she were the mayor of Nice our 80 innocent people would not have lost their lives. To meditate! Cruel summer! I am nonconformist and homolove! “, she wrote.