After 23 seasons, the NFL begins the post-Tom Brady era

this National Football League Missed start of 2023 season for first time in 23 years tom bradytheir historic quarterback who won seven titles super bowl Claim themselves as the victors in the history of the league.

The quarterback announced his retirement in February after playing for the team. new england patriotsHe gave the team six championships and led them into the best era in their history, tampa bay buccaneers He saved the last few years of his successful career, but it was enough for him to win his last Super Bowl.

However, Brady said goodbye at the age of 46 after being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs and a frustrated retirement in 2022, which he regretted, but it eventually became one of the reasons for his divorce from the model Gisele Bundchen.

Tom Brady and his newest Vince Lombardi

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But it’s clear that as he retires from the field tom brady Can’t lose, because the former player has signed a lucrative 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports Network to serve as a commentator for the league’s games, and the NFL will have to find a new quarterback.

With Brady gone, the ball will be in the hands of the league’s most dominant quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Tua Tagovailoa or Dak Prescott Or, why not, some new quarterback coming into his rookie season?

Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes named to fill Tom Brady’s vacancy

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The heir apparent takes up Tom Brady’s throne

patrick mahomes He’s the favorite to be the league’s new dominant quarterback, and for him, he already has three games of experience under his belt. super bowlwinning two of them and losing only one to Brady himself.

As for Joe BurrowThe quarterback recently signed a million-dollar contract that will tie him to the Cincinnati Bengals for the next five years in exchange for $275 million, making him the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, but now he must Proving it with performance on the field is like the man who led his team to Super Bowl LLVI where they lost to the Los Angeles Rams.

Jaylen is injured He’ll be looking to remove the thorn in his side from last season, get revenge on the Philadelphia Eagles and hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy that Mahomes stole from him. Aaron Rodgers He is one of the oldest players and at 39 years old he will be looking to win another Super Bowl just like he did with Green Bay in 2010, but this time with the New York Jets.

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