After 6 years, Blizzard Finally Release a New class in the game HearthStone


INDOZONE.ID Blizzard Entertainment is in fact quite rare, a new update in the game HearthStone. Even during the last 6 years, no new classes presented in the game’s Digital collector’s card.

But recently, Blizzard give you a new surprise with the launch of a new class, the Demon Hunter. Later, this class is a hero by the name of Illidan Stormrage, he was the hero of the first in this class.

Note that the class Demon Hunter, a hero has Claws makes the name of the demon, give the player additional 1 to attach, you where in a train.

Illidan Stormrage in HearthStone
Illidan Stormrage in HearthStone (photo/Blizzard Entertainment)

In addition to the heroes Illidan Stormrage, a type that is quite aggressive. In the story, Illidan Stormrage the leader of the forces of the fel is, if you have to fight with the use of claws to kill his enemies.

Party Blizzard itself will be launched class is officially at 3. April through the prologue-campaign-to-date.

For information only, HearthStone itself is a game, launched on 11 March 2014 and you can play for free on the PC platform, Android and also iOS

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