After a conviction for pedophilia, he asked to be recognized as a woman, he was transferred to a female prison and abused his cellmate

One convicted of pedophilia that was proclaimed woman was confined in a female prison, where he raped a cellmate. The case occurred in the state of Washington (United States), where the regulations that grant inmates the right to be housed respecting their gender identity, regardless of their anatomy, already wreaks havoc on the prison system.

In case of Hobby Bingham is a clear example of the “open loopholes” left by the law, he said. Scott fleming, former prison guard.

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It is that, as claimed by Fleming, the norm establishes that those who suffer from gender dysphoria (a feeling of discomfort that can occur when a person’s biological sex does not match their gender identity) “deserve to be accommodated according to their gender preference.”

However, he says, the orders are not checked as rigorously as they should be.

How you got transferred to a women’s prison

After being sentenced to prison after being found guilty of having had sexual relations with a twelve-year-old girl, Bingham decided to identify as a woman and called Andromeda Love. In this way, he managed to be transferred to the Correctional Center for Women in Washington.

Once there, he was found by prison staff along with his cellmate, an inmate with developmental disability, in a bed and without clothes.

The woman, Heather Lee Ann Trent, had been housed in the prison’s mental health unit. Because in the prison system all sexual relations are considered non-consensual, the authorities established that Trent was raped, informs RT.

The case occurred in the United States.
The case occurred in the United States.

In this regard, Fleming said that the prison staff ignored the alleged violation, without applying expert opinions or presenting an incident report. In this sense, the former guard considered that “it was irresponsible for the state to put them together in the same cell.”

Later, while serving his sentence and getting out of jail, Bingham cut his hair and called himself again What man.

Side B of the law allows inmates to be housed based on their gender identity

This case brings to light the deficiency of the measure approved by the Democratic governor of Washington, Jay Inslee. Although it is not yet established as law, in practice already wreaks havoc on the prison system state, as reported by former and current Washington jail employees to National Review.

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It is that male convicts can be admitted to the women’s prison, located in Seattle, if an administrative panel accepts their diagnosis of gender dysphoria, the program previously reported Dori Monson Show by KIRO Radio.

“In theory, the Washington Department of Corrections contends that transgender applicants must present a compelling case justifying their request to be housed in a women’s prison, but the burden of proof is quite low in practice“Said former prison guard Scott Fleming, who stated that the” only requirement is that they declare that they identify as women. “

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