After Binotto now Crozza imitates Vasseur: the ironic video against yet another Ferrari disaster – MOW

We were to expect that. Crozza has returned to impersonate the Ferrari team principal, but this time it is not Mattia Binotto, but, as it should be, Frederic Vasseur. The comedian joked about what happened during the last grand prix: “The car all crumbled and we put the scotch. The wing wobbled so much it looked like Shakira…”

Lhe season didn’t start at the best for the Ferrari, for this reason we try to play down a bit. Indeed, Maurice Crozzahas returned to mimic the guise of the team principal of Maranellobut this time he didn’t impersonate Matthias Binottobut instead Frederic Vasseur. The comedian has staged the retreat of Leclerc to Sakhira grand prize, that of Bahrainwhich has left many aftermaths, both for the lack of competitiveness towards the Red Bull, and for a high rubber degradation. The only certainty seemed to be reliability, which according to the rumors shouldn’t have been a problem. But that was not the case: the SF23 ùhas forced Leclerc to withdraw al round 41finishing the race ahead of time.

ccrude: “When one enters a Ferrari he is ruined and you have to drink. The car crumbled all over and we put it Scotch tape. The aileron wobbled so much it felt like Shakira. For the next race I’m thinking of replacing our cars with the Yaris. At least with those, perhaps, we can get to finish line. If Leclerc instead of coming to the pits had continued the race in wasp, at least it would come to an end”. Crozza made fun of the frustration shown by Leclerc after retiring: “Leclerc always stops because his car has the number 16. One plus six equals seven, which is the mechanic’s number. Never like right now we have to be careful. We have to leave: in ours DNA there is no what just happened. VAT Zanicchi her friend told me Morgana he had confided in her that I am an alien. You’re right, but I still can’t leave the Earth because I have a mission: to do one live broadcast a day on social media. On the other hand, people ask me“. Ferrari’s hope is that the problems seen in Sakhir won’t reoccur. But above all, it seems, we should get used to seeing Crozza as Vasseur.

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