After Chernobyl and The Last of Us, Craig Mazin decided to make a new Pirates of the Caribbean.

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September 5, 2023

Showrunner and writer of the Hbo series Chernobyl AND Last of us and from Dunes 2 (which we talked about here, here and here) tried to resurrect the most famous pirate saga of all time, and it looks like he succeeded. Craig Mazin really faces a new chapter Pirates of the Caribbean which he himself defines as “too weird”, so much so that he didn’t expect Disney to accept his script the way it did. This will be the sixth film in the saga, an unexpected return given the failure of the previous one. Revenge of Salazarreleased in 2017. Mazin warns fans that his film will be very different from those they have seen so far, and that Jack Sparrow himself, the protagonist of all previous chapters, may have a new face.

Saga producer Jerry Bruckheimer has said he has been working on a possible return of Johnny Depp since December, but negotiations are still ongoing and their outcome is unclear. Given the speed with which Disney fired him ahead of the trial that pitted him against ex-wife Amber Heard, his appearance in this new film remains unlikely (at least for now, but Bruckheimer offers a modicum of hope for the future). . Some time ago, the actor also stated that he wants to devote some time to projects outside of Hollywood.

Before him, Disney planned a female reboot of the saga starring Margot Robbie, but never materialized. Bruckheimer later clarified that the script written for Robbie would not be completely shelved. At the moment, there is another very real obstacle: Hollywood actors have gone on strike. fans Pirates of the Caribbean will have to wait, as well as those of Last of us. After all, before the start of the strike, Mazin only managed to stage the script for the first episode of the second season, but he is already thinking how to continue the plot.

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