After Christian Nodal becomes a father, Belinda reappears with relationship advice

Belinda The “Angel” singer has been causing a stir on Instagram since she joined the reality show “La Más Draga” by sharing several photos in a black miniskirt, her first public appearance since giving birth. . Boy friend, Christian Nordahl.

The singer was a guest judge on the reality show and after rating one of the participants, she made a strong suggestion that shocked all her fans. This reflection has circulated on social networks.

Belinda reflects on the wounds life has left, but in the face of this, she must stand up.

“Wounds make us stronger, and even though the deer (participants) were injured, you always held your head high and had confidence,” Belinda began.

“What you have to do in life is always stand up, despite the adversity and the pain of the wounds, and that makes us stronger,” he said. Belindahe won applause from his followers with such beautiful words.

Belinda once again appears on the YouTube reality show to give advice on overcoming all kinds of adversity

However, many netizens believe that this news is due to the parent-child relationship. Christian Nordahl, Refers BelindaHer breakup with a regional Mexican singer continued to take its toll.

Belinda’s black miniskirt brings Instagram to its knees

Belinda She wowed fans on Instagram as she circulated a series of photos in which she showed off her stylized figure in a black mini dress, proving once again that she is a fashion icon.

The talented “Welcome to Eden” actress shared these postcards through her official Instagram account to promote the episode of “La Más Draga”.

Belinda looks beautiful in black mini dress


The singer showed off her outfit and paired it with black long sleeves and pink boots with glitter, which perfectly matched her makeup.

publication Belinda It created a huge buzz as it racked up thousands of likes and comments in just a few minutes.



Belinda reveals her feelings after being asked about Christian Nordahl’s children

months ago Belinda R.Revealed her feelings after being asked about her children Christian Nordahl and Kazoo.

“Having a child is always a huge blessing,” the singer said when asked about the news that her ex-fiancé and current partner Kazoo is expecting their first child.

Belinda He used the cameras present to send a message to the media, as it had been more than a year since he ended his relationship with Nordahl and he did not want to comment on the life of his ex or anyone who belonged to him. past.

“I ask you to stop asking me questions about my past, it’s really annoying because life happens and everyone has their own life and out of respect for the new family I believe I don’t have to talk about anyone, I hope” It’s the best for everyone and the baby is a blessing and a joy so I won’t respond to that anymore and I wish you all the best,” he said.

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