After hospitalization, Romina Gaetani talks about her health: ‘My body is still shaking’

mid july, Romina Gaetani Entered the hospital guard because of a respiratory disease, but didn’t know it I will be in the hospital for a few weeks. The actress will take part in nice guy (New Polka) had to pause recording due to ill health. Despite initial rumors that he suffered from severe bronchitis, his condition worsened over time, causing problems with vision and mobility.

has recovered and is re-shooting the upcoming Occupy novel prime time Among the thirteen, Gaetani spoke about his current state of health and whether he would initiate legal action against the first clinic in Buenos Aires, where he was apparently a victim of malpractice . “I’m fine and still recovering. They said I had bad bronchitis, but when I asked how bad it was, they told me: “Long Nine”. So pneumonia,” the translator admitted in a note. display partner.

“Do you think there was a medical malpractice in the first hospitalization?” the cycle recorder asked without taking turns. “I can’t say it’s medical malpractice, it’s up to Ignacio Trimarco (his lawyer). I haven’t sat down to talk yet, it’s like I’m taking one step at a time. My first hospital stay was uncomfortable and didn’t feel cared for Then they released me and I went home because I didn’t feel well and I came back,” said the singer, who later had to go to a second facility.

“I’ve had asthma since I was a kid, so it got complicated They gave me meds (I won’t say what because I think it’s inconvenient) and they didn’t tell me what to expect. When they handed it to me, I conveyed that I felt terrible. I don’t know if the nurse communicated, but once I got into an ugly crisis where I argued with the doctor and then it got complicated because between the nerves plus the amount of corticosteroids I was receiving made it all worse , “He said.

During her previous diagnosis plus discussions with the professionals who cared for her, her condition worsened. “My vision became very blurry and the pain and anger levels were so high that I felt like I did my best to call my brother at 1:30am on Saturday. Later, I wrote to Ignacio , let him contact my brother, and they communicated with each other.” At that time, Ignacio had been discharged from the hospital and was alone at home. “I don’t know what’s going on here, but when I say that, I still feel tense and my body shakes. I can’t get over all the situation and what’s going on,” she said bitterly.

The actress opens up about the tough time she’s going through with her healthInstagram

On July 15, Romina Gaetani spoke to her network about the health condition she is going through. The actress, who is in a wheelchair and wears a probe on her wrist, said they were going to hospital her because she was not well saturated. However, the orderly staff she met in the corridor of the clinic turned the bad experience into an amusing moment, and they took her to her room. Before I knew it, I was going to spend several nights in it.

“Did you just really tell me that I was the love of your life in this corridor? With a serum?” Gaitani doubled down on the orderly who led her away: “Well, let me tell you, you have How handsome,” she said with a laugh, trying to use humor to get through the awful moment. “I’ve got to go in and get a boyfriend! That’s it, in life you never know. Omg! Breathless with a boyfriend,” Gaitani said before wrapping up his conversation with fans, saying that despite being hospitalized, He is still in a good mood. “I’ve got to go in and get a boyfriend! That’s it, you never know in life. My God! Breathless with a boyfriend”, he walked into his room.

However, Over time, the jokes, compliments and Instagram Stories were replaced by pain, uncertainty and anger. Days later, he wrote: “Not a good day…I’m still here,” along with a photo showing his PC, a pair of headphones and SpongeBob SquarePants on a chair in a Buenos Aires clinic stuffed animals.

Romina Gaetani expresses outrage at staying in clinic without noticeable improvement(Source: Instagram / @rominagaetani)

After nearly six days, the actress and singer was released from hospital, however, a few hours later she had to be admitted again, although this time in another nursing home in the city. “A big thank you to the entire professional team at the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Therapeutics for housing me, healing me, caring for me, looking me in the eyes when I said my name, holding my hand and making progress in treatment,” he said in a statement. Realizing how different the care here is compared to the first clinic, wrote in a new Instagram story.

“What peace it gave me to be able to say: I am better today. After six days in the hospital, plus the transfer here, the ship abducted me and three days later I can breathe again. Thank you all for your prayers and good vibes …they’ve all arrived,” he said.


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