After Just a Month on the Market, Pamela Anderson Has Already Found an Owner for Her Eco-Friendly Mansion

Pamela Anderson is close to finalizing the sale of her Malibu mansion.

The Canadian actress would be a matter of hours from finalizing the sale of the beautiful house that she has in the Malibu area and that she herself had built

The Canadian actress Pamela Anderson, 53, is a matter of hours away from completing the sale of her eco-friendly mansion in the Malibu area, which she launched on Monday, March 8, for $ 14.9 million.

According to the Internet portal TMZ, the ex-girlfriend Playboy already has a potential buyer for the beautiful home, although the operation has not yet been closed.

“Our sources say that the deal has some contingencies, so it is not a fact yet, at least not for now, but it is on the way to closing,” the aforementioned website reported.

The same site pointed out that it is likely that the imminent new owner has offered a figure close to or higher than what the protagonist of ‘Baywatch’ intended to receive since the Malibu market is one of the most coveted and sought after among California high society.

“She was asking for $ 14.9 million, and while we don’t know what the buyer is paying, we do know: the neighborhood is on fire, and in many cases, homes are selling well above the asking price,” continued TMZ.

The house was built by Pamela Anderson herself, on land she bought in 2000 for $ 1.8 million.

The construction took about 10 years and required an investment of around $ 8 million to leave it as it looks today.

The property has an area of 5,500 square feet and is made up of four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, terrace, roof garden, among other rooms.

Outside there is a guest house with one bedroom and spectacular views, as well as a swimming pool with its respective spa area, a jacuzzi, a fire pit, an orchard, and an outdoor bar.

In addition to these attractions, the residence stands out for being friendly to the environment, having been built with sustainable teak brought from Burma, and for being equipped with solar panels.

Although it is not located next to the beach, Pamela’s mansion is located next to a lagoon, so the views from the place are unmatched.


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