After More Than a Month in the Works, Kamala Harris Will Finally Move Into the Vice-Presidential Mansion

Kamala Harris prepares the move to the vice-presidential house.

After nearly two months of frustrations, the country’s first vice president will finally be able to move into what will be her home for the next four years.

Kamala Harris, the first vice president in the history of the United States, had to postpone her move to the Naval Observatory for more than a month, but as of next week, she will be able to live there.

The vice-presidential mansion underwent various restoration work after the departure of Mike Pence, which led Kamala to temporarily live in the Blair House, an event that filled her with frustration

The news about his next move was released by Symone Sanders, his spokesman, who shared that in the course of the following days the Naval Observatory will receive what will be his tenant for the next four years.

“The Vice President and the Second Gentleman will move into the Vice Presidential residence at the Naval Observatory next week. The move was initially delayed to allow for home repairs, which are easier to do when the house is vacant, ”Sanders shared via Twitter.

He then explained that the works included the restoration of various elements that were already very deteriorated.

“The repairs included maintaining the HVAC system, replacing the fireplace liners, and restoring some of the hardwood floors,” Biden continued in his message.

Fox News reported that some movement is already being observed at the Blair House, where moving trucks have already started to remove some things, but the exact day that Harris will already sleep in his new home has not yet been revealed.

What is the vice-presidential mansion like?

The Naval Observatory, built-in 1893, was originally inhabited by the superintendent of the observatory, while in 1923 it passed into the hands of the Chief of Naval Operations.

After 50 years, the United States Congress chose to restore it and make it a permanent home for vice presidents, with Walter Frederick Mondale, Jimmy Carter’s right-hand man, being the first to inhabit it full time.

Since then all the vice presidents have passed by, being Dick Cheney the only one who had had to find an alternative home due to the remodeling and security work that was done to him after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Kamala was the second.

The imposing residence sits on 12 acres and consists of three stories.

Inside it has a hall, living room, porch, dining room, main room, study, among other rooms.

Over the years, the vice presidents have made some improvements to it, like Dan Quayle, George HW Bush’s right-hand man, installed a swimming pool, a pool house, and a gym.

Joe Biden, who lived there for eight years, is credited with hanging a plaque on one of the trees, which read the legend: “Joe loves Jill, Valentine’s Day 2012.”


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