After postponing Dune 2, Oppenheimer now dreams of an Oscar: Best Picture, Director and Cast?

Sensational but not too much reprieve Dunes: Part 2 could be of great help Christopher Nolan and his Oppenheimerwho now dream big Oscar.

Given yesterday’s news, when Warner Bros. put aside what many thought was the biggest contender for the best film throne, diversity updated its list of contenders for the next Academy Award, emphasizing how Oppenheimer now I have a big advantage to take home the coveted prize.

First Dunes won six technical Oscars: production design, cinematography, editing, sound, visual effects and original music. According to many insiders, the sequel was supposed to offer a great new Oscar-winning cinematic experience, and this delay could only lift the spirits at Universal, which now hopes to capitalize on Oppenheimer.

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This will be the first film directed by Christopher Nolan, but it’s too early to make predictions. Of course, he will still have to compete with other potential rivals such as Flower Moon Assassins Apple, Owner Netflix and maybe even its summer box office competitor, Barbie. The latter, however, falls outside the more ambitious category.

In addition to technical Oscars, from editing to visual effects, inclusion quotas Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr and Emily Blunt for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress respectively.

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