After scandalous accusations. Netflix removes Shia LaBeouf from ads for his new film

Netflix currently uses this image (Photo: Netflix)

Netflix removed the actor LaBeouf Chaillu from advertising his new movie woman Fragments ( Pieces of a Woman). Previously, the company struck him off the list of crew members who can nominate an Oscar for this film.

The decisions followed a public scandal when Labeouf’s ex-girlfriend, singer FKA Twigs, accused him of abuse and sued him. SIA singer also joined her accusations.

The film Fragments of a Woman by Corneille Mundruzzo, in which LaBeouf plays a man whose daughter dies in a domestic birth, is released on Thursday 7 January.

His co-star Vanessa Kirby won Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival and will be nominated for an Academy Award alongside Ellen Burstyn, who plays her domineering mom.

Earlier, Labeouf, who could have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for this film, was excluded by Netflix from the awards campaign. And now he also removed it from the actual commercial of the film, preferring posters with Kirby’s heroine to those on which she had previously been with LaBeouf.

Also in the ad on Twitter, Vanessa Kirby and Ellen Burstyn are the stars of the movie Fragments of a Woman, a tale of maternal love and loss. On Netflix January 7th. “

And before it was attended by Labeouf / Photo: Netflix