After surgery, Ramona Jimenez reappears and marvels at her new routine: ‘They see what it used to be’

Carlos “Ramona” JimenezThe 72-year-old was released from hospital after undergoing a series of treatments. Acute gastritis pictures This forced the medical service to step in quickly to stabilize the situation. The Córdoba native was in fine form for his first public appearance at the family dinner table after the pop star and his close circle endured a huge scare, share a barbecue.

Dressed in a yellow plaid shirt, glasses for sun protection and a classic hairstyle, Ramona sat at the family dinner table and made her own judgment on the outcome of one of her relatives’ roasts. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, with a smile on his face, The Quartet Unanimously Approves the Meat Point: “The roast is juicy, that’s what I like. He’s rich,” he said to a Córdoba tune at an outdoor party with a pool of water in the background.

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Ramona Jimenez reappears in public after surgery

In addition, he said in a video circulating on social networks, Jimenez tagged the before and after In his eating pattern, he said, before swallowing food and today, he executes at a slower pace to avoid another situation that might lead him to a doctor’s care:”They saw the situation i take sips’, he explained.

The news aroused enthusiastic attention from Mona’s fans, who were very surprised after learning that Mona was transferred to the hospital for treatment. After a few days, everything went into a panic and authorkiss and kissand he has plans for new shows that will take audiences on stage for marathon solo performances.

After severe abdominal pain, Carlos “Ramona” Jimenez He was quickly transferred to a hospital near his home and an investigation into what led to his stay was underway. As a virtual connection with fans, carlos and lorraineHis kids took advantage of his Instagram account to learn more about it, surprising the loyal public who followed him at all the concerts.

“I’m gone, I’m here, I see you clearly, Acute gastroenteritis. acute gastritis, popped up and destroyed you, i know. But things are not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you, we take out the broken glass. Cheers and thanks for making it to Pachamama today. I love you! “, Lorena said on her social networks, the only “official” voice of the singer facing this health problem.

Mona Jimenez’s daughter’s statement on her health

Hours later, Carlos refrained from entering the medical sphere as he detailed his symptoms, but reassured his followers by explaining that his intervention was due to “bad maneuvers” so he was out of danger: “For the sake of information Purpose, to convey peace of mind for their fans. My dad is fine. Not long ago, He had surgery due to severe abdominal pain It’s the result of bad exercise,” he concluded.


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