After The Ban Of The Sale Of The Masks, To Prevent Now, Facebook, Promotional Hand Sanitizer

208 – The company Mark Zuckerberg prohibit aids-prevention outbreak corona virusnamely, hand sanitizer advertising is prohibited on the side Facebook. Previously, technology companies berdominasi blue color, this could prohibit the sale of Mask.

Quote, Monday (23/3), Facebook claims that this policy was taken to avoid items, want to benefit from the circumstances.

Reporting of CNBC.comOn Saturday (21/3), Rob Leathern, Director of Product Management at Facebook in cuitannya you will call the items of the product. Not only in Facebook, but also on the platform Instagram.

“We are increasing the enforcement automatically for advertising and commercial next week. If we misuse this product in a post-organic, we will also remove them,” he said.

The ban on the sale of products in connection with the Corona virus, according to Rob Leathern, the prevention of price increase, which is not usually the people who are not responsible. These actions are as evil in the midst of the difficult situation, the onset of Corona.

“This is the next step, in order to prevent a rise in prices and the behavior of the predators that we see,” added Rob Leathern.

Facebook itself is not the only platform, focus on the snout ad products in the area of the Corona-virus. Note that Google ad-blocking has masks for some time.

To remove to have Google claimed to manage millions of content, which take advantage of the situation to an outbreak of the Corona in some time. Also pepper in the fact there are still a lot of advertising for these products.