After the Dark mode, This Feature is Expected Soon on WhatsApp!


INDOZONE.ID Recently, WhatsApp has officially released the function of the Dark Mode or dark mode on the app. Such a function is known, the function with the most-anticipated, most of the WhatsApp users around the world.

But, according to the function of the Dark-mode is launched, there are still a few other features that are expected to be present in the WhatsApp in the next few months. Here are the features:

Functions, the first is the Face Unlock on the Android operating system. Until now, WhatsApp users on Android have open support for the app with a fingerprint. But in the future, is rumored to feature Face Unlock is also immediately available in the operating system.

WhatsApp (Photo/WhatsApp)

Then another feature is the support for more devices. Well, this time, WhatsApp users only one account per device. This is expected to be had, why a lot of that later, the user has an account for multiple devices can be open at once.

The last feature is Seen for the last time. WhatsApp currently offers three options in the function the last time I Saw, namely the contact and Only me. Expected future there will be a new option where the user can select a particular user to be able to see how features.

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