After The Dark Mode, WhatsApp The Advanced Functions Of Anti-Start-Sadap


Instant messaging service WhatsApp will soon launch a feature antisadap to prevent, to do that the dark players you have on tap. Previously, WhatsApp mengguliarkan features “dark” or “dark”.

At the end of last year, WhatsApp, the center of the test delete the message automatically with the title ‘Delete message’.

Gadgets 360, features quotes make antisadap, belonged to the user a new way of communication in the platform-Facebook, you.

The user can delete the message automatically, in the time that has been set. The first reports of this feature is to be implemented, which together with the dark-mode WhatsApp.

Now, the dark mode WhatsApp officially introduced, but for the function message most popular app Delete is yet to give the official newspaper.

Later on, this feature will be available in the contact-info-on-one and group settings can only be activated by the admin. Options the time of removal from, a day, a week, a month, a year.

As I said, because it is still in development, the user can use it while you already have a current. Previously, this feature has Disappear in the name of the message.

A subsidiary of Facebook is not yet to explain in detail about the function. But the so-called call-Delete message useful for the reduction of the burden of memory on the phone, so the user is expected, that the memory continues to be large.

Then, other rumors, the features are not is the only contact in the WhatsApp group the guy is private and can only be activated by the admin.

The function of the dark-mode is already available for Android and iOS. Dark mode is a new experience with a fresh look will give.

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