after the death of a partner, now they want to return the Oscar to him. That’s what happened MilleUnaDONNA

For Sandra Bullock it’s a really awful summer. Just a few weeks ago, America’s sweetheart lost her partner. Brian Randalland, as if that wasn’t enough, it all ended in a storm after Michael Oher, the former NFL player who inspired her to make the film that won her the award, revealed that the story told in the film (as if it were true) is a lie. .

Death of a partner

Sandra dated a photographer named Brian Randall in 2015, who died in August of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a terminal illness that she suffered from for three years.

But professional disputes are now added to personal pain.

After the athlete’s revelation, many fans even asked the diva to return the statuette won in 2010 thanks to the role of Lee Ann Tuhoy, half of the couple who welcomed Oher to their home when he was still a homeless boy, and that the former player was put on trial, claiming that he was never adopted, but was instead forced to sign paperwork depriving him of his legal authority and use of his name to enrich himself at his expense.

“Michael Oher discovered the lie in February 2023 when he learned that the ‘guardianship’ he had signed, which he believed would make him a member of the Tuohy family, did not in fact offer him any family relationship.”– the documents filed by the former player in court are read.

Brandon Walker X shot zero at the actress

“Bullock now has to return the Oscar”, says the sports reporter. But other fans of the 59-year-old Miss Congeniality star have come to her defense.

Parable about the film

Blind area it was adapted from the journalist’s 2006 book of the same name. Michael Lewis which tells the parable of Oher, one of 13 children of a drug addict mother, and his rise to football success after entering Tuhoy’s house. Who, in turn, denied the allegations, saying they were “devastated” by being put on trial: “It’s scary to think that we were speculating on our children”they said, stating that they made nothing from the film other than half of what they paid Lewis, “and that this amount was distributed equally among all members of the family.”

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