After the Forum and the Hippodrome, Lazza is missing only San Siro.

After the Forum and the Hippodrome, Lazza is missing only San Siro.

2022 was the year of Lazza, 2023 too, will 2024 be the same? Who can say… but the conditions are all there.

Having shone at the festival in Sanremo, filling the Assago Forum and the SNAI La Maura hippodrome, I am sure that in 2024 Lazza will conquer San Siro.

Last night (July 8), the rapper brought a mega show to his city at one of this summer’s emblematic venues, the Hippodrome, which has hosted artists like Travis Scott, The Weeknd and Guè in recent months.

The two and a half hour concert, which was more than a concert, turned into a mega party in true Lazza style. Lots of guests, from Gue to Capo Plaza, Emma, ​​Jaime, Amis Killa, Fred De Palma, Blanco, Sfera Ebbasta, Anna, Tony Effe, Irama, Tedua, Elodie, Fabri Fibre and Madame. A real tribute from the Italian scene to what is in every way an artist of the time.

A more than deserved success for Lazza, who after years of apprenticeship is finally getting everything he deserves and more.

A show with attention to the smallest details, divided into four parts, as if they were the four aspects of Lazza music and art. There was no shortage of songs sung with the orchestra, from the tackier DJ sets to the more intimate ones and mega hits.

If there is one thing that has always distinguished Lazza, it is undoubtedly the lively dimension. In each of his performances you can see how much he cares about giving his audience an exclusive and unforgettable show, making everyone present go home with memories, emotions, something that can remain indelible. And last night, with a show worthy of number one, he succeeded.

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