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After the success of Alonzo Cardano launches smart contracts

After the successful launch of ‘Alonzo’ Hark Fork On September 12, Cardano already allows running smart contracts on its blockchain.

The hard fork of the Cardano mainnet opens the possibility of writing smart contracts with Plutus scripts, “a language and platform specially designed for the execution of smart contracts using the functional programming language Haskell”.

Two days after the update, more than a hundred smart contracts are already running on the network. The founder of Cardano and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, commented: “With this launch, commercialization is in the hands of both the community and the system architects, and they are already delivering it: in less than 24 hours, more have been completed. than 100 smart contracts on the network. “

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Hoskinson added that the update ‘Alonzo‘is the culmination of six years of work “insanely tough on some of the brightest minds on Blockchain “. In addition, he was optimistic about the potential of the development of an ecosystem of decentralized applications and announced that the objectives of the project are currently focused on continuing to improve the platform and expand the adoption of Cardano.

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